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Project ID:00076335Description:Creative Industries
Kiribati One UN Fund
Start Date *: 17 Sep 2010
Human Resources Development
End Date*: 31 Jul 2014
Country: Kiribati Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Sc

Building Creative Industries for Youth in Kiribati (UNESCO)

Approved for funding in December 2009, the programme ‘Building Creative Industries for Youth in Kiribati (UNESCO; $54,725) aims to gradually build a long term approach to decent employment initiatives through creative industries through a mix of medium and longer term approaches. However, no project activities were reported on as of the end of the reporting period (31 December 2010). Creative industries provide an opportunity to support youth development towards decent income generation for young people in Kiribati. It addresses a key need identified in the Kiribati Development Plan to promote employment by utilising cultural and traditional skills as a means of building human resources and entrepreneurship education and skills development under the Kiribati decent work country programme 2010- 2012. The employment creation aspect is also stated as an essential priority for Kiribati under the ILO’s Decent Work Program and in a UNESCO study. As such, from 2009, UNESCO and ILO are working together to address long term development of skills in the artistic sector through education,  training and the establishment of a Youth Festival.

With an aim of gradually building a long term approach to decent employment initiatives through creative industries, the initial phase on developing arts and creative industries in schools commenced in late 2009. The year 2010 will see a continuation of this initiative which will be strengthened by the proven ILO tools on KAB, SYB, and SIYB towards new decent livelihood initiatives for youths including the added stimulus given to these activities during the Kiribati Youth Festival. The programme will be coordinated by UNESCO under the guidance of a Steering Committee comprised on UNESCO, ILO and GOK. Funds requested in 2010 will support development of a larger scale project to address youth livelihoods through creative industries including the design and testing of a training program for youth, and preparation and ground work to launch a Youth Festival in 2011.

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