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Project ID:00076946Description:UNA017 DPKO Accelerate Impleme
UN Action Agst Sexual Violence
Start Date *: 10 Dec 2010
UN Action Against Sexual Viole
End Date*: 31 Dec 2014
Country: United Nations Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDPO - UN Dept of Peace Operations

This project supports continuation of a General Temporary Assistance (GTA) position that has been supported for the past two years through extra budgetary resources in Peacekeeping Best Practices Section (PBPS). This facilitated the preparation  of the first SG’s report on the implementation of resolution 1820, and gathering information from the field missions for the second report. The Policy Officer also started the process of developing an Operational Guideline (OG) relating to the implementation of SCR 1820 (2008). With the adoption of SCR 1888 (2009), additional provisions need to be taken into account in the OG and in the development of training materials, scenario based training tools and SOPs. This will assist Member States and strengthen Peacekeepers capacity in addressing sexual violence in conflict and post conflict settings. Necessary expertise is still needed to support DPKO/DFS in the continued development of policies and guidance and finalization of the Operational Guidelines.

The policy officer will assist in improving the operational capacity of peacekeeping missions by overseeing the implementation of SCR 1820 and 1888 provisions implicating peacekeeping, and support the implementation of the deliverables lead by DPKO/DFS in the strategic framework of UN Action for 2011.

He/She, will:

  • Coordinate DPKO’s contributions to the reporting requirements of SCR 1820 and 1888, including annual reports to the Security Council, by providing and coordinating inputs from peacekeeping missions and closely liaising with the relevant UN partners.


  • Formulate and integrate guidance for prevention and response to sexual violence into peace keeping training materials, including the Protection of Civilians Strategic Framework and the analytical inventory of peacekeeping practice in addressing sexual violence. Implementation of these activities will involve trips to a number of peacekeeping missions. DPKO/DFS will provide funding for these related activities, through the contribution of the gender team resources.


  • Participation in key meetings and conferences to highlight the relevance of SRC 1820, 1888 and 1889 in peacekeeping, as well as preparations of briefs for senior managers in DPKO/DFS to incorporate in high level discussions with Members States and other partners.

An integrated approach will be underlined through the partnership and outreach efforts, to ensure that implementation of SCR 1820 and 1888  in peacekeeping, effectively builds on and reinforces existing mandates for the protection of civilians and the complimentary mandates on Women, Peace and Security.

Expected outputs include:

  • Global strategy for implementation of SCR 1820 and 1888 in Peacekeeping Missions;
  • Operational guidelines finalized, validated and disseminated to support the military, police and civilian components in peacekeeping to translate the provisions of SCR 1820 and 1888 into their operational tasks in an integrated manner.
  • Guidance and training material for integration of SCR1820 and 1888 in peacekeeping provided to troop and police contributing countries (TCC and PCC).
  • Enhanced reporting procedures to facilitate better monitoring of progress on efforts to implement Resolution 1820 and 1888 in peacekeeping contexts.
  • Developed framework for cooperation between the office of the SRSG- SV and peacekeeping missions.
  • Effective implementation of 2011 UN Action Strategic Framework deliverables, specially the ones led by DPKO.


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