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Project ID:00076967Description:PBF/UGA/D-1 Livelihoods and Lo
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 14 Dec 2010
Youth Empower/Employ-W2
End Date*: 30 Sep 2012
Country: Uganda Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Project Description:

The project is designed to address the principal challenges related to agricultural productivity, market access, employment and income for youths in a predominantly agricultural economy, including support to allow vulneralble ex-combatants and female-headed IDP and returnee households to participate. It is also deisgned to strengthen capacities of local governments for peace building and economy recovery and ensure community dialogue on possible source of friction in the post-conflict economy. The purpose is to reduce the risk of violent conflict re-emerging and to optimize peace dividends by enabling and supporting economic reactivation.


PBF Priority Area:

Rural Communities in the north have improved gender responsive sustainable livelihoods, diversified economic opportunities and basic social protection


PBF Outcome:

Programme outcome 4.3: Livelihoods of rural households diversified


Key Project Activities:

  • Supporting government efforts to diversify livelihoods and facilitating access to rural finance opportunities as perception of hope and immediate peace dividends for building community trust in local governments. This will include financial and technical assistance for critical infrastructure rehabilitation to facilitate access to markets, provide incentive for private investments;
  • Build local government capacities for local economic governance and conveneing and coordinating multi stakeholder processes aimed at conflict mitigation consensus building for enhancing the business enabling environment and stimulating economic activity and economic empowerment for households/vulnerable youth, women and men;
  • Provision of training, improved seeds, equipment, grants, and market information to strengthen agricultural productivity, market access and financial capacity of rural household/vulnerable youth, women and men;
  • Analysis of market functioning, private sector opportunities and access by youth to the real economic/productive sectors; promotion of community dialogue and;
  • Specialised reintegration and integration assistance for female-headed, IDP, returnee, and ex-combatants households that address the specific hardships faced by women and girls in the Acholi sub-region to avoid their further stigmatization.
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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Uganda or the lead agency for the programme.

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