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Project ID:00077380Description:CHF Som SHELT/2010ER/OCHA-NGOs
Somalia Humanitarian Fund
Start Date *: 20 Jan 2011
Shelter – NFIs
End Date*: 20 May 2011
Country: Somalia Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   NGO/OCHA - NGO implementation/OCHA

CHF-DMA-0489-028ER “Emergency shelter response for fire affected IDPs in Bossaso IDP settlements” - 79,049$

Bossaso town hosts the largest number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Puntland with 26 official IDPs camps. The total number of IDPs is 49,215. The security situation in Bossaso has deteriorated during the April - July 201 period leading to increased protection concerns among IDPs, who live in deplorable conditions. Inadequate protection interventions targeting IDPs has affected their capacity to access habitable shelter, livelihood opportunities and adequate security. In July 2010, over 900 IDPs were deported to from Bossaso to South Central by the Puntland government. During the same period, five IDPs settlements experienced fire outbreaks leaving 1,540 families homeless. This situation raises serious protection concerns given the current summer season, which is characterized by strong monsoon winds and extremely hot weather. Affected IDPs, UNOCHA, UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP, local authorities, government representatives, cluster members and members of the NGO Consortium have met, consulted and discussed how best to assist the affected families.                                                                        

In July 2010, Bossaso IDP settlements experienced the worst fire outbreaks during the year. Five IDPs settlements were affected leaving 1,540 households homeless. Affected households do not have the capacity to re-build their temporary make-shift shelters. Women are the most affected. Many households are headed by women and children following the massive deportation of young men between the ages of 25 - 40 years from Bossaso to South Central Somalia.  Emergency shelter for IDPs remain the most urgent need as highlighted during a meeting the all stakeholders.  No organization is assisting IDPs with emergency shelter, a reason why DRC in close consultation with UNOCHA is requesting for funds to fill this gap for the homeless families.


CHF-DMA-0489-037ER “Provision of dignity kit to 1,500 women IDP displaced by conflict in Mogadishu” - 40,400$

As a result of heavy bombardment of artilleries and shelling in some residential areas in the capital, women/mothers have been fleeing their homes in mass without necessary kits such as sanitary pads, clothes and soaps. The project area is very volatile and has limited humanitarian interventions. The conflict has so far led to mass displacement of 22,600 people from 23rd August to 17th Sepember 2010 according to UNHCR latest update. Out of these, 7,290 have joined other IDPs in Afgoye corridor.

The project will provide emergency minimum clothing kits to 1,500 female headed households displaced by the ongoing conflicts in Mogadishu between the insurgents and the TFG forces supported by the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) troops.

 The 1,500 target beneficiaries are the most vulnerable recently displaced IDPs from Mogadishu conflict living in very deplorable conditions. The project will ensure that target beneficiaries have sphere standard of sufficient clothing to ensure their dignity, safety and well being.

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