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Tools for » PBF/IRF-30 Immediate Response for the reinsertion/reintegration of IDP returns to Abyei
Project ID:00077922Description:PBF/IRF-30 Reinsertion/Reinteg
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 6 Apr 2011
PBF Immediate Response
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Sudan Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNHCR - UN High Commissioner for Refug

Project Description:

UNHCR will provide multi-sectoral support to IDP returnees from Khartoum to facilitate immediate and medium-term reinsertion/reintegration needs through the provision of:

  1. Emergency relief/NFI packages
  2. Transitional shelter kits to vulnerable households
  3. Counseling/ legal aid/ information to address customary/communal land tenure disputes/documentation issues
  4. Vocational training/livelihood support in rural and urban settings
  5. small-scale community-based initiatives to foster peaceful coexistence and reconciliation


PBF Priority Area(s) and Outcomes:

PBF Priority Area 3: Early economic recovery and immediate peace dividends

PBF Outcome 1: Support protection and reintegration of communities affected by conflict, including internally displaced people, refugees and victims on gender based violence, providing quick dividends and generate confidence in the peace building process.


Key Project Activities:


  • Provision of Emergency Relief Kits: all returnee households (estimated 4,000 HHs) are provided with emergency NFIs kit to provide temporary shelter and start-up assistance upon arrival, whether in areas of origin or chosen destination
  • Provision of Transition Shelter: Transitional shelter kits, consisting of durable shelter materials (corrugated iron sheets, timber, tools and other construction inputs) are distributed to 500 vulnerable households, targeting female-headed households, older persons, and other persons with special needs. Beneficiary population will target 80% new return households and 20% settled population/host community, based on vulnerability criteria and guidelines to be established.
  • Information, legal assistance, counseling on land and documentation issues: A series of workshops and community outreach to address: land-tenure changes, restitution/compensation, inheritance rights, and the customary legal mechanisms to address competing claims among returnees. Reconciliation and confidence among emergent communities (returnee/host community, Dinka Ngok-Messirya). Information on citizenship rights and options.
  • Support to livelihoods/local markets: Address livelihood challenges through vocational training and provision of start-up kits (urban) and the provision of agricultural inputs (rural)
  • Implementation of Quick-Impact community rehabilitation projects: Demand-driven small-scale rehabilitation projects to address overstretched social services and avoid community tensions in areas of destination or to establish basic services in rural areas of origin, depending on available human resources among communities. It is envisioned that post-referendum, the current tensions between Missirya and Dinka Ngok may have sufficiently subsided to allow for projects that foster peaceful coexistence in contested areas or among communities along traditional migration routes.



Emergency NFI packages (4000HHs)

 Transition Shelter Kits (500 HHs


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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Sudan or the lead agency for the programme.

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