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Project ID:00078062Description:CHF Som LIVLH/2011-1/FAO FSNAU
Somalia Humanitarian Fund
Start Date *: 29 Mar 2011
End Date*: 31 Dec 2011
Country: Somalia Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   FAO - Food and Agriculture Organizat

CHF-DMA-0489-069 “Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit” - 750,000$

The years of conflict in Somalia have created a situation of protracted and complex emergency which has eroded livelihoods and led to an increased vulnerability to nutrition, food and livelihood insecurity. This, coupled with limited access to basic services, manifests in high levels of food insecurity, both acute and chronic malnutrition and mortality. The ability to monitor and report on  the nutrition food security and livelihood situation of the population, therefore, is essential to ensure a timely and appropriate response by the humanitarian community to those in need. In the absence of any institutional capacity, and with 2.4 million of the population currently in crisis, FSNAU is therefore the sole provider tasked to deliver this essential service. FSNAU identifies populations in crisis by livelihood and by region, identifies the specific vulnerabilities of women in achieving food security and reports on the nutritional status of children under 5years disaggregated by sex and women of reproductive age to support improved targeting by the users.

FSNAU seasonal assessments cover the entire country and identify areas and socio-economic groups likely to face food security and nutrition problems during the coming year and are updated after the outcome of each rainy season.  Livelihood based nutrition surveys are also conducted prior to the seasonal assessments, to inform on the nutrition and public health situation to ensure an integrated analysis.   Outputs include: (i) bi-annual IPC food security projections and no of population in crisis; (ii) bi-annual nutrition situation maps and caseloads of malnourished children; and (iii) press releases, presentations, special briefs and bi-annual technical series on seasonal assessment results.


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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Somalia or the lead agency for the programme. The MPTF Office Portfolio Manager (or Country Director with Delegation of Authority) for this programme:

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