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Project ID:00078151Description:CHF Som LIVLHD/2011-1/FAO CapB
Somalia Humanitarian Fund
Start Date *: 4 Apr 2011
End Date*: 31 Dec 2012
Country: Somalia Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   FAO - Food and Agriculture Organizat

CHF-DMA-0489-073 “Capacity building project for effective implementation coordination and monitoring of cluster activities” - 357,000$

The emergency situation in Somalia continues: an estimated 2.4 million people require urgent humanitarian assistance with failure of the Deyr rains occasioning a severe water crisis and the outlook for the next Gu season indicating below normal rains and therefore an increased probability of a failed crop. This is compounded by the general conflict and insecurity hindering the delivery of humanitarian assistance. In light of the increasing insecurity in parts of Somalia there is a greater reliance on local partners to deliver quality responses to people in need. The capacity of most local partners to deliver quality responses that adequately meet the needs of the populations in crisis is inadequate due to the limited understanding of FSNAU analysis - this serves as a major factor contributing to poor responses in addition to a weak implementation capacity by some partners. The cluster’s ability to measure achievements against its objectives; to assess duplications in interventions; and to measure the efficiency of cluster led interventions is limited.           

It is recognized that for the cluster to function optimally and effectively deliver a quality coordinated humanitarian response in the Agriculture and Livelihoods sector, it will be necessary to upgrade the limited capacities of many of its partners participating in the IASC Agriculture and Livelihoods Cluster. Because of the enormous differences in the cluster membership’s needs the cluster will identify a process that will enable cluster members to strategically and systematically determine potential partners that stand to benefit from trainings offered through the cluster. The success of the cluster and its key partners hinges on the provision of an adequate level of resources directed to the Cluster in order to adequately monitor cluster led interventions. This will enable the cluster members to deliver quality interventions in support of agriculture and livelihoods in Somalia, and lead the cluster to achieve its objectives. Capacity building and monitoring is aimed at enhancing the ability for the cluster to ensure that populations in crisis are served adequately in a timely, accountable, efficient and effective manner. There exists a great need to train partners in basic concepts of the project cycle management and institute a monitoring system in order to track the efficiency and achievements of cluster responses.

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