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Project ID:00078169Description:UN-REDD Ecuador
UN REDD Programme Fund
Start Date *: 3 Nov 2011
End Date*: 31 Dec 2014
Country: Ecuador Project Status: Financially Closed
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Ecuador has approximately 10 million hectares of diverse forest types covering approximately 55% of the country. For decades, Ecuador has experienced major changes to its forest cover, mostly due to changes in land use. According to 2000 data, an estimated 198,000 hectares of forest are lost every year, although more recent data from the Ministry of Environment estimates that the deforestation rate equals 61,764.50 hectares per year.

In order to reverse forest loss, the Government of Ecuador (GoE) has made reducing the deforestation rate a priority of the National Plan for Good Living (2009-2013). To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Environment is implementing a series of initiatives to reduce deforestation in the country as part of good governance of forest resources and to simultaneously contribute to climate change mitigation by reducing GHG emissions related to this activity.

Since 2008, the GoE has actively participated in international REDD+ negotiations and has, concurrently, carried out activities at the national level to pave the way for the implementation of this mechanism in the country. Ecuador has made impressive progress in its REDD+ preparation, with significant advancements detailed below:

Since September 2008, the Ministry of Environment has implemented the Socio Bosque Program, a policy of incentives for the conservation of native forests. This initiative seeks to complement the "command-control" policies historically applied to the country's forestry sector, in an attempt to reconcile forest conservation with development. To date, conservation agreements have been signed for 630,000 hectares. Furthermore, two relevant data collection projects began in 2009: the historical mapping of deforestation and the national forest assessment.

Ecuador is also working to develop the National REDD+ Strategy, which seeks to simultaneously contribute to the mitigation of climate change and the implementation of good forest management practices through national activities, projects, measures and policies to reduce deforestation and associated GHG emissions. With this strategy, efforts are being made to develop the legal, financial and institutional resources required to implement REDD+ in the country and ensure multiple benefits, inter-institutional coordination and the design of a program to promote civil society participation, among other goals.

To contribute to the implementation of the strategy, the National Joint Program (NJP) aims to support Ecuador in the preparation phase of the implementation of the REDD+ mechanism. To that end, the NJP will support specific activities within the National REDD+ Strategy framework as part of the country's preparation phase. These activities are connected to the technical and financial cooperation programs with the German Government, which also seek to contribute to the preparation phase for REDD+ implementation.

Ecuador's NJP sets forth six outcomes: (1) The design and implementation of a National Forest Monitoring System; (2) National implementation of a REDD+ consultation process involving civil society, indigenous communities, peoples and nationalities, Afro-Ecuadorian and Montubio peoples and communes; (3) Development of policies and instruments for the implementation of REDD+; (4) Development of the operational framework for the implementation of REDD+; (5) Ensuring multiple environmental and social benefits, and; (6) Design and implementation of a benefit-sharing system.

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