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Project ID:00078174Description:CHF Som SHELTER/2011-1/OCHA-NG
Somalia Humanitarian Fund
Start Date *: 6 Apr 2011
Shelter – NFIs
End Date*: 31 Dec 2012
Country: Somalia Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   NGO/OCHA - NGO implementation/OCHA

CHF-DMA-0489-082 “Provide live-saving NFI and emergency shelter response to newly and protracted displaced persons in Garowe, Somalia” - 400,000$

Puntland State, like other parts of Somalia is facing severe la nina drought. The failure of dyer rains season lead to severe water crisis in the country. IDPs and host communities in Garowe are already experiencing gaps in access to water, food, reduced labor opportunities and loss of livelihoods. Prior to the drought, IDPs in Garowe town were already facing humanitarian gaps, like lack of ample shelter, NFIs, sanitation facilities, lack of fire-protection, poor camp layout and design and limited access to water.                                                       

The project will target 11 IDP settlements in Garowe (Nugaal region), with a total population of 11,586, 55% females.

 Key needs to be addressed include: lack of sufficient basic non food items; lLack of appropriate shelter - most shelter can bring due to congestion, be razed down by fire and expose IDPs to health hazards; lack of sanitation facilities including sufficient urban toilets, waste disposal, and hygiene education and loss of incomes and means of livelihoods due to pervading drought and lack of livelihood opportunities and options.

CHF-DMA-0489-115 “Enhance the protection and improve basic living conditions for IDPs in Somalia through the provision of emergency/temporary shelter: Puntland  IDPs: Shelter” – 696,848$                                                                                                             

Somalia is one of the world’s longest running humanitarian crises and currently has one of the largest displaced populations in the world, with over 1.5 million internally displaced and over half a million Somali refugees. Somalis are not only fleeing conflict, but also a livelihoods and food crisis caused by perennial droughts and floods, leading to a dramatic escalation in the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance.  IDPs live in very basic shelters that offer only limited protection from the elements and potential intruders.  Large distributions of tents give an opportunity for site planning to allow for fire breaks and communal spaces.  The tents themselves offer improved protection for households.  Fire is a serious problem in IDP camps and the fire retardant tents, the site planning, and the fire prevention drums s all reduce the chance of fire outbreaks.

This program will respond to these needs by providing 1034 fire retardant tents and cooking drums to 1034 households.  300 of these will target HHs in Garowe and Galkayo and 734 in Bosasso.  NRC will also improve conditions in IDP settlements by supporting access to land tenure documents, settlement governance training, and site preparation.

CHF-DMA-0489-136 “Provision of emergency NFI kits and temporary shelters to conflict and disaster-affected populations in Puntland.” – 1,276,881$                                                

In Bossaso, gaps identified in the HGA include poor quality of shelters (often constructed from highly flammable materials), congestion, fire hazards, and poor sanitation. Constraints surrounding land tenure/ land ownership renders it difficult to engage in large-scale construction of permanent shelter units. IDPs access to income generating opportunities is limited. Vocational skills training support to small micro enterprises, and cash for work interventions are recommended to develop entrepreneurial skills, improve livelihood diversification strategies and provide safety nets.  In Qardo's RA, 95% live on less than a dollar a day, eat one meal or none in a day and are in debt.  92% earn their living through sweeping in the town, collecting garbage and washing clothes. 75% reported that they beg for a living.  Water comes at a price of USD 0.1 per 20 liters. Existing water points serve 13 times the number of recommended persons according to Sphere standards. 85% have access to less than two liters of water per day. Existing hygiene practices are poor with 80% of respondents saying they do not wash their hands before food preparation and eating.

DRC will target 3,300 hh - 1,600 in Qardo and 1,700 hh in Bossaso’s other camps, apart from Bulo Elay.  DRC will reach 100% of IDPs in Qardo with provision of tents, livelihoods interventions, construction of latrines, training on sanitation and hygiene and provision of sanitation and hygiene kits. In Bossaso, 15.81% of the IDPs population will be provided with WASH support (latrines, hygiene and sanitation training and kits) and livelihoods support (vocational skills training and support to SMEs).

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