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Project ID:00079817Description:P3-01 Env/Drought Risk Managem
Iraq UNDAF Trust Fund
Start Date *: 29 Aug 2011
End Date*: 31 Mar 2014
Country: Iraq Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Drought has far-reaching consequences on multiple aspects of Iraq’s environment, economy, and social structure.  Given its extended occurrence in Iraq and its negative impact thus far, it is viewed as a slow-onset disaster that requires immediate strategic intervention.  Recognizing the urgency of this situation, the Government has called on the United Nations to provide support in formulating a framework for national drought risk management.

The proposed programme will be jointly implemented by UNDP and UNESCO in close consultation with other UN partners. It will support the Government of Iraq (GoI) to conduct a series of technical assessments of existing Disaster Risk Management (DRM) capacities and vulnerabilities, and carry out a series of consultations and consensus-building activities to build a common understanding of drought impacts and risk management measures. It will also expose the GoI to international good DRM practices.

These activities will form the basis for developing a national framework for integrated Drought Risk Management in Iraq that will enable the GoI and its partners to launch a coordinated multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral, and multi-level response to drought.

The proposed national DRM framework will be reviewed and discussed by all key stakeholders at a validation workshop to secure programmatic support for drought risk management in Iraq.

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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Iraq or the lead agency for the programme.

The persons with GATEWAY access rights to upload and maintain documents for the programme:

  • Prosper Nyandagazi, Programme Coordination Officer; Telephone: +964 770 670 0274; Email:; Skype: prosper.ndahiriwe
  • Valentina Urro, Programme Analyst RCO SCO; Email:; Skype: v.orru
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