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Tools for » PBF/GNB/A-2 Support to National Reconciliation and Political Dialogue
Project ID:00080185Description:PBF/GNB/A-2 Support for Reconc
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 7 Dec 2011
Democratic Governance -W1
End Date*: 31 Dec 2014
Country: Guinea-Bissau Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Project Description:

The objective of the project is to strengthen social cohesion through the promotion of a consensual fundamental law, the improvement of the enabling political environment, the empowerment of citizens, including marginalized groups, and the strengthening of democratic leadership and accountability.


PBF Priority Area:

Activities undertaken to build and/or strengthen national capacities to promote coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflict and to carry out peacebuilding activities.


PBF Outcome:

Strengthened democratic institutions and empowered citizens, in particular women, youth and disabled people, play a key role in reconciliation, national dialogue and good governance.


PBF Ouput:

Constitutional Review

-   A revised draft constitution taking into account the opinion of vast segments of the population is presented to the National Assembly.


National Dialogue

-   A report on the main changes suggested during the consultation process and impact for institutions is available before the National Conference in Bissau.

-   National conference follow up mechanisms is set up, and operating.


Strengthening accountability, Leadership and Conflict transformation competences

-   Leaders from the target-groups have increased leadership skills.

-   Leaders from the target groups (including 25 literacy facilitators) have increased conflict prevention and resolution skills.

-   Parliamentarians and political parties’ representatives have established mechanisms to consult their constituencies on issues of national relevance and to discuss these issues during parliamentary sessions.


Peace and Civic Education

-   Targeted communities acquire skills on the models on participation in democratic process (i.e. voting), and importance of SC Resolution 1325,   participation of women, women quotas– reaching 3,000 learners (mainly women).

-   Youths and adults (mostly young women and disabled) acquire skills on peace and civic education.

-   More voters registered in target communities.


Key Project Activities:

Constitutional review

-   Approval of the TOR for the Technical Team & Selection of the Members.

-   AWEPA Preparatory Visit and Needs Assessment.

-   Drafting of the Constitution (based on 2001 draft) by the Technical Team.

-   Discussion of the draft constitution with members of the parliament, including women,, as well as political parties.

-   Public consultation on the draft constitution, including consultation with local and traditional leaders, women, youth and vulnerable groups, civil society.

-   Academic discussion of the draft constitution, including the hosting of a conference with national and international experts in constitutionalism.

-   A revised draft Constitution accommodating recommendations resulting from the public consultation submitted to the Parliament.


National Conference

-   Drafting final document.

-   Drafting paper on policy implications.

-   Strategic retreat State Institutions.

-   Support to national conference.

-   Support to national conference follow-up mechanism.


Strengthening accountability, Leadership and Conflict transformation Competences

-   3 Political parties meetings, including those without parliamentary seats, to discuss, among other issues, institutional reforms (Constitution, etc).

-   Train 100 leaders (Civil society, Parliament, Government, political parties with and without parliamentary seats) in Leadership skills development.

-   Train 100 leaders (Civil society, Parliament, Government, political parties, with and without parliamentary seats) in Conflict transformation and mediation. 

-   Organize meetings of Parliamentarians from 3 regions and grassroots organizations representatives, before and after each  parliamentary session.

-   Organize meetings of ANP leadership and private sector organizations leadership before and after each parliamentary session.


Peace and Civic Education

-   Develop peace and civic education materials for the adult literacy programme.

-   Train 25 literacy facilitators on the models on participation in democratic process (i.e. voting), conflict resolution, and importance of SC Resolution 1325, participation of women.

-   Train 350 youths, adults (mostly young women and disabled) on peace and civic education.

-   Creation and broadcasting of radio programmes.

-   Creation theatre plays.

-   Art competition.

-   Conferences by model citizens.


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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Guinea-Bissau or the lead agency for the programme.

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