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Tools for » PBF/GNB/B-5 Military SSR- Support to Security and defense sector reform and socio-economic reintegration
Project ID:00080454Description:PBF/GNB/B-5 Military SSR
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 7 Dec 2011
Security -W1
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Guinea-Bissau Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Project Description:

Assistance to the reform of Defense and Security Institutions through professionalization, separation followed by retirement and pension fund benefits, and socio-economic reintegration opportunities.


PBF Priority Area:

Activities designed to respond to imminent threats to the peace process, support for the implementation of peace agreements and political dialogue, in particular in relation to strengthening of national institutions and processes set up under those agreements. Interventions under this PPP area will contribute to achieve key-result 1 “Defense and Security Sector Reform “identified under Pillar 1 of the DENARP II: “To reinforce Rule of Law and Republican Institutions“.


PBF Outcome

Defense and Security institutions are professionalized to ensure Rule of Law and institutional stability to create conditions for peace and development in Guinea-Bissau.


PBF Ouput:

-   Output 1. Personnel of defense and security institutions complete civic and peace education within rule of law and democratic values.

-   Output 2. (1) Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Permanent Secretariat of the National SSR Steering Committee benefit from technical assistance on retirement process, including pension fund management; (2) The Government of Guinea-Bissau receives a financial contribution towards the Pension Fund, directly in the account.

-   Output 3. Demobilized individuals of Defense and Security Institutions receive support for socio-economic reintegration.

Key Project Activities:

1.1-Identify and organize the training of local trainers;

1.2-Design, produce and distribute training and sensitization materials;

1.3-Organize the training of members of National Defense and Security Forces that contribute  to change behavior of members  including gender mainstreaming;

1.4-Organize training on topics such  as the fight against AIDS, gender, violence based on gender, health , human rights and environment;

1.5-Organize activities  bringing together  the population  and members  of the National Defense and Security forces such as (i) Mass sport, (ii)Community development activities; (iii) Environment protection activities;


2.1-Meetings with Ministry of Defense and Military officials to discuss who are to be selected as eligible for the pension programme (information campaign);

2.2-Supporting the National Technical Mixed Independent Commission (NTMIC) with the implementation of a vetting and certification process for police and internal security institutions;

2.3-Supporting organization of and participation in meetings of the National SSR Steering Committee Technical Working Group on DDR and Pension Fund;

Profiling exercise completed to determine selection;

2.4-Advice to national authorities on the framework contract to be established with the selected bank;

2.5-Negotiation of a contract with  the selected bank for the UN’s contribution to the  Pension Fund;

2.6-Providing the UN’s contribution to the Pension Fund;

Reviewing reports from the selected bank on the status of implementation of the  UN’s contribution to the Pension Fund;


3.1-Complete a socioeconomic opportunity mapping and individual profiling for the Reintegration programme;

3.2-Complete a labor market study to identify economic opportunities;

3.3-Programme planning for psychosocial support;

3.4-Sensitization of communities and programme beneficiaries within information, counseling, referral and follow up (ICRF);

3.5-Training for implementing partners for the Reintegration programme;

3.6- Information sessions regarding reintegration opportunities;

3.7-Functional Alphabetization is provided to the beneficiaries;

3.8-Agricultural Reinsertion in Horticulture:

Basic training in horticulture and business management-Delivery of installation kit (seeds, tools), Technical follow up;

3.9-Agricultural reinsertion in small animal breeding:

  • Basic training in small animal breeding and business management
  • Delivery of installation kit (tools, construction material)
  • Delivery of animal kit
  • Technical follow up by veterinary services;

3.10-Reinsertion in agricultural production transformation: Basic training in food processing, hygiene and business management, Delivery of installation kit, Technical follow up;

3.11-Creation of Community Support Units /Unidade Apoio Communitario  (CSU/UAC): -Identification of community needs, Training and equipment of the CSU;

3.12-Management and monitoring and evaluation activities.


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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Guinea-Bissau or the lead agency for the programme.

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