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Project ID:00081267Description:CHF Som ENPROGR/2012ER/UN Agen
Somalia Humanitarian Fund
Start Date *: 20 Jan 2012
Enabling Programming
End Date*: 31 Dec 2021
Country: Somalia Project Status: Operationally Closed
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CHF-DMA-0489-265ER - Support the CHF Process Review (UNOPS)

Numerous studies have been carried out around humanitarian pooled funds. Three, specifically focused on Common Humanitarian Funds (CHFs), were undertaken in 2006, 2007 and 2010. The most recent review in 2010 was commissioned by OCHA to study the three CHFs in the Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Sudan, and its results were published in 2011. As the CHF-Somalia was newly established at the time it was not included. 

The Common Humanitarian Fund for Somalia (CHF) was established in June 2010, as an upgrade from an earlier Humanitarian Response Fund (HRF). Since then, the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) has allocated more than $100m to more than 250 projects, in two standard allocations (July/August 2010 and February/March 2011), two emergency allocations (January and October 2011), and from the emergency reserve. The CHF has the following two main objectives:

1. Strategically fund assessed humanitarian action in Somalia to improve the timeliness and coherence of the humanitarian response

2. Support priority clusters and regional priorities in accordance with identified needs

Majority of the CHF projects are implemented in Southern Somalia where 3 million of the 4million people in crisis reside.

The CHF Guidelines foresaw an evaluation of the fund for the end of 2011, since the fund could not be included in a global evaluation of CHFs in 2010, when it had just been set up. Instead of this evaluation, the Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia (HC), the Advisory Board, donors and OCHA have agreed to conduct a process review of the fund in early 2012.

Since the CHF was set up in June 2010, the HC has allocated almost $110 million to 264 projects under two standard allocations, two emergency allocations, and directly from the emergency reserve. The CHF has become an important funding mechanism for humanitarian action in Somalia. Overall, the volume of pooled funding has increased six fold over the past years, and support from pooled funds was essential in allowing aid agencies to respond to the humanitarian needs of people affected by drought, famine, malnutrition, disease or displacement in Somalia.

Given the central role of the CHF, the large amount of funds allocated and the high number of aid agencies and projects funded, it is essential to review the functioning of the fund externally, in order to generate concrete recommendations on how to improve it. External consultants will conduct this process review, and they will be recruited by UNOPS on behalf of the Humanitarian Coordinator.


CHF-DMA-0489-343ER - Provision of Audit Services for CHF Projects in Somalia (UNOPS)

United Nations established the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) to mobilize and coordinate effective and principled humanitarian action in partnership with national and international actors in order to alleviate human suffering in natural disasters and emergencies, promote preparedness and prevention efforts to reduce future vulnerability, facilitate sustainable solutions by addressing root causes and advocate for the rights of people.

UNOCHA receives funds from donors, for which it is accountable, and allocates these funds to International Non-Governmental Organizations and the UN agencies who will be able to implement directly or through local NGO partners to support humanitarian activities. The Common Humanitarian Fund for Somalia (CHF) is administered by OCHA.  The objective of the fund is to strategically fund assessed humanitarian action in Somalia and improve timeliness as well as coherence of humanitarian response. The fund also supports priority clusters and regional priorities in accordance with identified needs. All projects funded by the CHF must be audited before the final installment, which constitutes 20% of the project budget, is paid.


CHF-DMA-0489-344ER - Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) Secretariat (OCHA)

As the CHF Secretariat, OCHA’s priority is to improve the overall effectiveness of the Fund by ensuring that it is well resourced and well managed, supports prioritised humanitarian action, enhances coordination and is accountable. OCHA is responsible for facilitating the allocation process on the basis of humanitarian analysis and strategic prioritized needs and acts, as secretariat to the Board to ensure regular communication between the Board, UN agencies, donors and NGOs on all matters concerning CHF management and allocations. OCHA ensures the adequacy of the projects in relation to the CAP objectives and projects as well as the follow up of outcomes of all projects funded through the CHF. In doing so OCHA works closely with cluster working groups at the national and regional level.

Under the overall guidance of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator, and the direct joint supervision of the UN/OCHA Head and Deputy Head of Office, the CHF Unit aims at ensuring adequate and efficient management of the pooled fund mechanism in Somalia.


CHF-DMA-0489-438ER - Capacity assessment of CHF NGO partners (UNOPS)

CHF recipients are accountable to UNOCHA for resources under their management. Each CHF partner or potential new partners must be evaluated in order to assess their capacity to implement a CHF project.The Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia (HC), the Advisory Board, donors and OCHA have agreed to assess the capacity of all CHF partners.

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