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Project ID:00081721Description:GAZA: Improving Access to Educ
occupied Palestinian territory
Start Date *: 16 Feb 2012
Occupied Palestinian territory
End Date*: 30 Jun 2014
Country: Occupied Palestinian Territory Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNRWA - Relief/Works Agency for Palest

 This project is for the construction of 12 UNRWA schools as part of the UNRWA Recovery and Reconstruction Plan which aims to rebuild 22 old schools and to construct 78 new schools. Over 1.56 million people live in Gaza, of which 70% are refugees. More than 50% of Gaza’s population are under the age of 18, and as many as 44% are under the age of 15i. The ongoing conflict and the blockade on Gaza affect all aspects of life and continues to have serious implications for the education sector.

Education is vital for children as it provides a routine activity in an unstable environment and builds their knowledge and capacity to become productive members of their society. Due to the lack of access to construction material and finance over a sustained period of time, it has not been possible to construct enough schools to address existing overcrowding and the natural increase in the student population. In the period between 2007-2010, when no construction was possible, the refugee student populationii grew from 195,000 to 213,000. Currently 1,410 UNRWA students receive education in shipping containers, and around 8,000 students rotate their learning periods between classrooms and the school courtyard.


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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Occupied Palestinian Territory or the lead agency for the programme.

The person with GATEWAY access rights to upload and maintain documents for the programme:

  • Loris Elqura, Coordination Officer; Telephone: 972-2568 7271; Email:; Skype: loris.elqura
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