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Project ID:00081837Description:ER Education NGOs
CAR Humanitarian Fund
Start Date *: 24 Feb 2012
Emergency Reserve
End Date*: 31 Dec 2013
Country: Central African Republic Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   NGO/UNDP - NGO Implementation/UNDP

CAF-12/44074/6217 “Safe Emergency education for returning children especially in Ouadda, Mouka, Bria and Yalinga” – USD 316,336

Participating Organization: Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)


Programme Description

The project aims at mobilizing an encouraging the population to return to their places of origin after the outbreak of clashes between armed groups in the Houtte Kotto by providing educational services.

An immediate intervention to remedy the education in the area of Ouadda, Mouka, Bria and Yalinga will attract displaced populations to return to their places of origin and children continue the education without disruption.

There is need to build solid semi durable school infrastructures, distribute school materials, pay incentives to parent-teachers, training for parent-teachers and qualified teachers; provide pedagogical accompaniment and supervision to teachers after the training; provide opportunities for recreational activities in schools; assist communities in forming Parents Teachers Association (PTA) for managing schools; construct schools school latrines. Also necessary is psychological support to children affected by conflicts. Education on peace and reconciliation is equally an aspect to guarantee peaceful co-existence in the communities to forestall stability and harmony among the different ethnic groups.


The JRS is the NGO that is going to lead the implementation of this programme in collaboration with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education.

JRS has been working in the domain of education in Haute Cotto since 2008 and the activities have included school construction, distribution of school material, teacher training and PTA training.  



  • Returning children have access to education in a safe environment
  • Returning children of school going age are attending school and have the necessary didactic school material
  • Returning conflict affected children regularly attending classes
  • Hygiene and sanitation facilities made available to children returning children
  • School managed by decentralized government structure
  • Psychosocial support given to returning children recently displaced due to armed conflict
  • Quality information on school attendance exit
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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Central African Republic or the lead agency for the programme. The MPTF Office Portfolio Manager (or Country Director with Delegation of Authority) for this programme:

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