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Project ID:00084300Description:Outcome 5
Mozambique One UN Fund
Start Date *: 5 Nov 2012
UNDAF 2012-15 Social Area
End Date*: 31 Dec 2017
Country: Mozambique Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

OUTCOME 5: Vulnerable groups demand, access and use quality and equitably delivered social services

In view of achieving the second outcome in the social area, “Vulnerable groups demand, access and use quality and equitably delivered social services”, the UN will complement its interventions at policy and national level with significant community mobilization and awareness raising activities at decentralized levels using a cultural, gender and human-rights based approach to programming. This will encompass several approaches including civic engagement and community voluntary action.

By empowering vulnerable groups through strategic long-term capacity building initiatives and bringing the voice of right holders to the attention and action of duty bearers, the UN System will:

  • Facilitate the creation of an enabling environment at the municipal, district and provincial levels to ensure private and public sector involvement and enhanced community participation for the sustainable management of water and sanitation facilities
  • Contribute to reducing the risk of HIV infections and other sexually transmitted diseases, particularly among girls and women, by promoting positive cultural practices and change, while enabling environments for the adoption of safe and supportive behaviors
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of populations about the most important health, food security and nutrition risks recognizing the responsibility of the end users through promotion of healthy lifestyles and the prerequisite of their engagement in the social development process
  • Reduce key barriers to the utilization of health and nutrition services for vulnerable groups in rural areas
  • Support integrated literacy and life-skill programmes for vulnerable youth and women
  • Provide complementary and integrated assistance to vulnerable groups who are not covered by the basic social protection programmes.
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