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Project ID:00084723Description:SUN 02/UGA/010 CivSoc Cap Stre
SUN Movement Fund
Start Date *: 11 Dec 2012
Country Catalytic Programmes
End Date*: 30 Jun 2016
Country: Uganda Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   WHO - World Health Organization

Strengthening Uganda’s Civil Society’s Capacity to Support the Scaling up of Nutrition (SUN)


  • Country: Uganda 
  • Implementing Partner: Uganda Civil Society Coalition on Scaling-Up Nutrition (UCCO-SUN) with World Vision serving as Secretariat of UCCO SUN
  • Participating Organization: WHO 
  • Duration: 36 months –January 2013- December 2015
  • MPTF support: US$ 321.000
  • Main Contact: Gilbert Kamanga at; Kato Peterson at


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Wasting and underweight remain a public health concern, at 6 percent and 16 percent respectively. In 2006, chronic malnutrition affected 2.3 million children (38 percent) below five years of age; vitamin A deficiency affected one of five children and women of reproductive age; iron-deficiency anaemia impinged on three-quarters (73 percent) of children aged 6 to 59 months, and half of women of reproductive age, and over 16,000 children had been born with low birth weight. Mortality associated with malnutrition in among children aged less than 5 years was reported at over 40 percent.  

Uganda has invested in the prevention and reduction of malnutrition over the past years. Emphasis has been placed on supporting the training of health professionals in nutrition and development of relevant policies and guidelines. However, nutrition interventions are often biased to the health sector, with limited coverage, inadequate budget allocation to nutrition services among key line sectors, weak coordination frameworks, inadequate legislation to support nutrition, and limited nutrition personnel at all levels.

Civil society organisations and the donor community have over the past decade been influential in the setting and implementation of the nutrition and food security agenda for Uganda. The Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP2011-2016) and its roll-out clearly offer a unique opportunity to carry nutrition work forward at country level through joint working and leveraging of resources. This endeavor fits well with the vision of UCCO-SUN of a Ugandan population free from hunger and malnutrition. The coalition will achieve this vision through partnerships to advocate for improved policy, legal and resource allocation for improving nutrition outcomes. Among the various activities, UCCO-SUN has engaged Members of Parliament (MPs) and the key Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Finance on issues of nutrition. The coalition also made input in the development of the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) 2011-2016.


In a context where CSO actions on nutrition are still seen as disjointed, UCCO-SUN will harness capacity among CSOs and households to demand, implement, monitor and evaluate initiatives aimed at improving nutrition actions from national level to the grassroots. This happens when the government is planning the rolling out of the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (2011-2016). The purpose of the grant is to strengthen the capacity of Uganda’s CSOs to support the scaling up of nutrition actions with major focus being on nutrition advocacy/campaigns to support the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of nutrition programmes in the country. The project will support CSOs to advocate for appropriate systems and structures that will in the long-run support desirable attitudes and practices for improved nutrition. It will also support the national reporting process on the SUN activities, and establish a mechanism for monitoring accountability for nutrition investments at all levels in the country.


Successful implementation of the proposed project is expected to lead to the following outcomes:

1. A functional CSO platform with harmonised information and capacity to influence nutrition policy and action in favour of mothers and children by 2014.

This will be achieved by:

  • Adopting UCCO-SUN constitutive documents
  • Holding national SOTA nutrition meetings
  • Developing a UCCOSUN Web portal and e-newsletter
  • Mapping CSOs and partners in Uganda by mid-2013

2. An effective policy and legal frame-work from national level to the grassroots for improved nutrition governance by 2014 to support the scale-up of proven interventions in country.

This will be achieved by:

  • Training CSOs in nutrition advocacy 
  • Reviewing the national and district budgets
  • Mobilizing communities and social groups to advocate for nutrition
  • Supporting nutrition advocacy initiatives for implementation of the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) 2011-2016

3. A stronger and sustainable multi-stakeholder dialogue from national level to the grassroots for better government accountability on nutrition investments by 2013.

This will be achieved by:

  • Collecting baseline data to support benchmarking for monitoring
  • Identifying monitoring and accountability needs from stakeholders
  • Organizing and support media campaigns
  • Mobilising communities and social groups to demand for government accountability on nutrition
  • Training UCCO-SUN members on monitoring accountability for nutrition

4. A constituency with capacity to demand for the scale up of nutrition activities at the grassroots by 2014.

This will be achieved by:

  • Supporting Media and grassroots campaigns
  • Reporting on UCCO-SUN activities
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