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Project ID:00085672Description:Yemeni National Dialogue
Start Date *: 20 Feb 2013
End Date*: 19 Aug 2014
Country: Yemen Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNOPS - UN Office for Project Services


As called for in the Transition Agreement, the Secretary-General through his good offices is providing ongoing assistance for the implementation of the transitional process in close cooperation with the international community. The most recent Security Council resolution on Yemen (S/2012/2051), adopted on 12 June 2012, reaffirmed the need for the full and timely implementation of the Transition Agreement in accordance with resolution 2014 (2011), and “requests the Secretary-General to continue to coordinate assistance from the international community in support of the National Dialogue and transition, as stipulated in the Implementation Mechanism of the GCC Initiative”.

The transition process involves a range of complex themes and undertakings. The key issues which the National Dialogue Conference will address are outlined in the Agreement on the implementation mechanism for the transition process in Yemen in accordance with the initiative of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) under para 21, include the process of drafting the Constitution, including the establishment of a Constitutional Drafting Commission and its membership.

The UN role in support of the transition must therefore be multi-faceted, and include a combination of facilitation and direct technical assistance to the National Dialogue and the Constitutional proceedings, with support to large scale, Yemeni led outreach throughout the country to ensure that both processes are transparent, inclusive, participatory and meaningful.


Objective of the Joint Programme

The objective of the UN Integrated Program is to support Yemeni efforts to organize and manage a Yemeni-led National Dialogue and Constitution-making process that is effective, transparent, inclusive, and participatory - thus contributing to a timely and successful completion of the second phase of the transition.

The integrated program brings together the various mandates and capacities of the UN system and the Office of the Special Adviser to the Secretary General on Yemen around a coordinated set of interventions to assist Yemeni actors in their implementation of major milestones of the political transition. These include the provision of technical and political advisory services, support to the operations of the National Secretariat, and outreach to various constituencies, including women groups, IDPs, minorities and youth to ensure that the Dialogue is inclusive.

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