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UN Action Agst Sexual Violence
Start Date *: 3 Jun 2013
UN Action Against Sexual Viole
End Date*: 31 Dec 2019
Country: United Nations Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

As agreed in 2012 by UN Women and the Special Representative to the Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict (SRSG-SVC), the UN Action Secretariat is in the process of moving administratively from UN Women to the Executive Office of DPKO/DFS, who administers the OSRSG-SVC. The OSRSG-SVC now seeks funding from the UN Action MPTF to fund Secretariat’s three posts and associated support costs for a period of one year, beginning in May 2013[i]. Once the new UN Action Coordinator has been recruited, a more complete budget will be submitted to cover staff travel and other operational costs of the Secretariat.


The UN Action Secretariat provides administrative and technical support to the UN Action network, coordinating a task force of Focal Points from 13 member UN entities which meets every month. The UN Action Secretariat is responsible for developing the biannual Strategic Framework for the UN Action network, mobilizing funds from donors for its implementation, monitoring progress and impact, and advocating on behalf of the UN system to end sexual violence as a tactic of conflict. The Secretariat prepares the network’s annual Progress Report, and spearheads fundraising and reporting to donors. Extra-budgetary resources are mobilized from a range of donors and managed by a Multi-Partner Trust Fund. The Secretariat leads the network’s advocacy effort using a diverse range of communication mechanisms and tools, and ensures conflict-related sexual violence is represented in the Secretary-General’s UNiTE campaign. Advocacy efforts include both public advocacy with the Security Council and Member States to advance full implementation of Security Council Resolutions 1820, 1888 and 1960.


The UN Action Secretariat organizes quarterly meetings of the network’s policy and governance body, the UN Action Steering Committee, which comprises Principals from the UN Action members and is chaired by the SRSG on Sexual Violence in Conflict. The Secretariat supports the work of the SRSG on Sexual Violence in Conflict in promoting UN system coherence and joined up advocacy and programming to end the use of rape as tactic of war.

The UN Action Secretariat is comprised of a Coordinator, Advocacy & Women’s Rights Officer and a Programme Assistant.

[i] Please note, the exact project start date will depend on when the recruitment process for the three Secretariat posts is complete.

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