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Project ID:00087795Description:UNPRPD New Tunisia
UNPRPD Disability Fund
Start Date *: 27 Sep 2013
UNPRPD - Disability Fund
End Date*: 31 Dec 2020
Country: Tunisia Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

TUNISIA “The new Tunisia won’t be build without us”

Following the recent political changes, Tunisia is still facing new challenges in establishing the rule of law and promoting human rights into a new inclusive development process. The programme’s main objective focuses on the inclusion of persons with disabilities (PwD) from a Human Rights perspective. It aims at strengthening stakeholders’ capacities in advocating, respecting, and fulfilling the rights of PwD as well as developing a common new national vision on Disability in Tunisia. The programme was developed through a participatory and consultative process involving public authorities, civil society representatives and PwD representatives. The programme focuses on 2 enabling factors and 2 specific rights coupled with 2 in-focus groups as entry points and will follow-up its objectives through a twin track approach involving targeted as well as mainstream actions to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities (PwD) from a Human Rights perspective. The programme will help increase capacities of right-holders (PwD and their representatives) and the duty-bearers (main institutional actors concerned with the rights of PwD), in line with the CRPD on raising knowledge, improving social capital, developing political clout for individuals as well as organizations. The main outcomes of the programme reflect the following 4 thematic priorities:

  • Rights-based Advocacy towards Persons-With-Disabilities
  • Survey, statistics and assessment of social protection mechanisms towards PWD
  • School inclusion and protection of Children With Disabilities
  • Employment of Youth-With-Disabilities

It is expected that by 2014 the programme will have a significant impact on the most vulnerable children, young people and women with disabilities who will have their human rights better respected.

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