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Project ID:00091844Description:Enhancing Women's Political Re
Moldova Toward Unity in Action
Start Date *: 9 Sep 2014
Governance and Human Rights
End Date*: 31 Dec 2017
Country: Moldova, Republic of Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

The Project is a joint effort of UN Women, UNDP, East-Europe Foundation (EEF) and Center Partnership for Development (CPD) combining capacities and experiences in the field of women’s participation in politics from all participating sides. UN Women and UNDP have strong track records, globally and in Moldova, on success working in the area of gender equality and women’s political empowerment. The Center Partnership for Development and East Europe Foundation have proven records of promoting gender equality and women in leadership and politics at policy level as well as in delivering results for women at the local level.

This Project exploits synergies between on-going programs of UNDP, UN Women, EEF, CPD, including the Democracy Programme, Joint Integrated Local Development Program (JILDP) UNDP/UN Women, the EEF’s program “Engaging Citizens, Empowering Communities”, financially supported by the Governments of Sweden and Denmark, and the CPDs project Empowerment of Women from Rural Communities jointly implemented with SOROS Foundation along with the achievements from just completed WEE Program of UN Women.

This Project will also utilise the networks and the experience of other programs and initiatives. Among other activities, the first ever network of Women Mayors was created and is being supported under the JILDP framework. JILDP monitoring of the 2011 local elections through both gender and HRBA lenses serves as a quantitative baseline for practical work on promoting GE into election support initiatives along with the similar work undertaken by the CPD and EEF. The first ever network of Romani Women and Girls established through joint work of UN Women and OHCHR is planned as a platform for reaching out to the Romani women and their communities for empowerment of Romani women to take up positions during the upcoming local elections.

With the global and country level long-standing knowledge base of UNDP and UN Women that generates and disseminates substantive guidance and practical tools, combined with the extensive practical work undertaken by the Center Partnership for Development, and East Europe Foundation in the Republic of Moldova on promoting gender equality and women in leadership the project will benefit from the wealth of knowledge, experiences and partnerships of these four organizations to deliver concrete results for women and the country at the policy, institutional and local levels before, during and after the elections.

The intervention is aligned to the key frameworks including the National Development Strategy, and NPGE, which has a specific priority on promoting women in leadership positions, including through elections and, thus, has a firm policy agenda on this matter. The Proposed program is in line with UN Women Strategic Plan and Global Development Result 1 related to Women’s increased leadership and participation in the decisions that affect their life,[1] as well as with the UN-Moldova Partnership Framework, UNDP Moldova Country Programme Document (2012 – 2016) and UNDP Strategic Plan (2014 – 2017).

[1] UN Women, “Annex I of the UN-Women Strategic Plan, 2011-2013 UN-Women Development Results Framework”, 2010,

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