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Project ID:00092005Description:RWEE Niger
Rural Women Economic Empowermt
Start Date *: 3 Nov 2014
Rural Women Economic Empowermt
End Date*: 30 Jun 2021
Country: Niger Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

The overall goal of the Joint Programme (JP) in Niger is to contribute to securing rural women’s livelihoods and rights in the context of sustainable development and post-MDGs. The Programme supports the efforts of the Government to address the issues that are hampering rural women’s socio-economic empowerment.

Four outcomes are expected: (i) rural women’s food and nutritional security is improved; (ii) rural women’s income are increased to ensure their livelihoods; (iii) rural women’s leadership and participation in the communities and rural organisations are improved, as well as in the development of laws, policies and programmes; (iv) a more gender-responsive enabling policy environment is promoted for rural women’s economic empowerment.

These results will be achieved through a multi-sectorial approach based on strengthening the synergies among the Participating UN Organizations in those geographical areas where there are already on-going field activities.

The JP activities are in line with the development objectives of the Government of Niger, notably the 3N initiative (“Les Nigériens Nourissent les Nigériens”). The Government has introduced its 3N Initiative in 2011 to increase the country’s resilience to food crises and reduce poverty through agricultural reform. A new approach is also being developed, called "communes de convergence", an integrated approach to create synergies among different actors intervening in the same areas to reduce vulnerability and ensure continuity between humanitarian and development interventions. This approach allows for better coordination and strategic planning of the Government as well as both humanitarian and development actors.

FAO is the lead agency for the implementation and coordination of the JP in Niger. The lead unit and main entry point for the JP in Niger is the Social Protection Division, in particular FAO-Dimitra. FAO-Dimitra is a longstanding project which has developed an innovative participatory approach (the Dimitra community listeners’ clubs) in the field of gender equality and rural women’s empowerment, and which has been successfully implemented in Niger since 2008. FAO will also be responsible for strengthening rural organizations and women’s participation and leadership within these groups (CoOPequity approach) and for building women farmers’ capacities to increase and diversify their local agricultural production through the Farmer Field Schools’ approach. UN Women will improve rural women’s entrepreneurial capacities and create income-generating opportunities through the provision of multifunctional platforms. IFAD will work on developing and implementing the project baseline, adapting the Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index to specificities of the project and of the Niger context. This exercise will build on the work carried out by IFAD in developing a reduced version of the WEAI, as well as on that of FAO on including in the index policy-related aspects. WFP will be responsible for school feeding programs and activities related to “Purchase for Progress” and “Cash and Voucher”. 

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