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Project ID:00094137Description:UNA036Team of Experts Phase II
UN Action Agst Sexual Violence
Start Date *: 13 Feb 2015
UN Action Team of Experts
End Date*: 31 Dec 2019
Country: United Nations Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

From January 2012, the Team of Experts on Rule of Law/Sexual Violence in Conflict (TOE) has been implementing its 2012-2014 Joint Programme which aimed at assisting national authorities in a number of situations, including in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Guinea, Liberia, Somalia and South Sudan, by strengthening national capacity to address impunity for conflict-related sexual violence.  Specifically, the Team has focused its efforts on strengthening the capacity of national rule of law and justice actors, building and complementing the ongoing work of the United Nations and other partners on the ground, including within the following specialized areas: criminal investigation and prosecution; collection and preservation of evidence; military justice system investigation and prosecution; criminal and procedural law review, harmonization and reform; protection of victims, witnesses and justice officials; and reparations for survivors.

Based on the TOE’s experience in implementing the 2012-2014 Joint Programme, lessons learned, and a retreat to review its work to identify strategic directions going forward organized in July 2014, the TOE now seeks to consolidate gains achieved over the past three years.  The 2015-2019 Joint Programme will remain guided by the belief that, in line with its mandate under Security Council resolution 1888 (2009), if technical expertise and direct accompaniment are provided to national actors to build on nationally owned mechanisms for addressing impunity for conflict-related sexual violence, then national authorities will be better able to address these crimes in a sustainable manner.  Progress toward ending impunity will, as a result, help to improve development initiatives and promote international peace and security.  

The TOE, in close coordination with UN field presences, as well as relevant national, regional and international actors, will continue to identify and review situations of particular concern including country and regional patterns and trends of conflict-related sexual violence.  The Team will seek to undertake in-country assessments to help identify gaps in the national rule of law response to conflict-related sexual violence, which will help to determine the forms of assistance that can be provided to national authorities to address identified gaps.  The TOE will further assist national authorities requesting assistance within its mandate and capacities by providing technical, strategic and programmatic advice, on specific challenges identified during assessments, including through deployments of TOE members and rostered experts in-country.  In addition, the TOE will promote learning between countries through South-South experience sharing and triangular cooperation (a traditional donor, an emerging donor in the South, and a beneficiary country in the South).  Finally, the TOE will contribute to ongoing policy discussions and advocacy efforts of the United Nations and the international community more broadly.


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