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Project ID:00094491Description:Uganda UN REDD National Progr
UN REDD Programme Fund
Start Date *: 8 Oct 2015
End Date*: 31 Dec 2021
Country: Uganda Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple
The Ministry of Water and Environment as the host of the REDD+ Secretariat will lead the implementation of Uganda's national programme’s activities, with support from the UN agencies through the programme management unit and relevant expertise and services at country, regional and international levels. Beyond the MoWE, the programme will benefit a broad range of stakeholders, particularly civil society organizations, Government through other Ministries and public administration at the subnational level, the private sector etc. The programme will comply with REDD+ principles as committed nationally in the R-PP, and as designed and endorsed by the UN-REDD programme. Particularly and as underscored by stakeholders’ consultations, the programme will contribute to large-scale awareness raising and capacity building. It will engage all stakeholders
including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Indigenous People Organizations (IPOs), local communities, government actors and the private sector, and will ensure transparency and accountability at each stage of the readiness process.

The programme will eventually lead to the design of a robust and participative REDD+ national strategy, bridging the gap between national ambitions in terms of forest protection and reforestation as committed at the national as well as international level. More specifically, the programme will:
Complete existing funding to deliver on technical instruments (FREL, NFMS, SIS) to allow Uganda to implement
REDD+ as part of the UNFCCC Warsaw Framework.
  • Increase national capacities through recruitment, capacity building and daily backstopping from the PMU and international experts’ team.
  • Increase the overall pace of readiness, including by leveraging other programmes’ implementation (FCPF,
  • Austrian cooperation…).
  • Increase sustainability of the programme by fostering the positioning of REDD+ as part of the national development planning and budgeting institutions and processes
  • Contribution to national priorities and international commitments
The REDD+ activities will add value to ongoing forestry programs in the following areas: baseline information and inventory, sustainable management of forest resources, enhancing incomes from forestry resources management, and promotion of stakeholder participation in forestry resources development and management.

Most importantly, UN-REDD support will particularly support anchoring the future REDD+ strategy into the global national development framework and process. Indeed, Uganda has been an active promoter of REDD+, but the operational translation of this support into readiness and implementation still needs to be accelerated. The country has set a vision of reducing deforestation to 1990 baseline by 2040, and has been actively engaged in international partnerships on REDD+ including its membership to both FCPF of the World Bank and the UN-REDD.
Programme. This REDD+ vision and its national implications at the national and international level will be
strengthened throughout the UN-REDD national programme, which will support the design of a technically robust
and politically credible pathway towards success.
In March 2010, Uganda embarked on its national REDD+ process through R-PP formulation. The R-PP was approved in June 2011 (then updated in May 2012) and a FCPF grant of US$ 3.6 million was signed on 10th July 2013. In addition, Uganda has also successfully mobilized 650,000 Euro from the Austrian Government for workon national forest monitoring systems, safeguards and multiple benefits of REDD+. In parallel, UNEP has provided a targeted support on safeguards and multiple benefits. Uganda was also retained by the UN-REDD Policy Board as priority country from Africa, and requested to express interest in NP support, which Uganda respondedfavourably. The UN-REDD Policy Board also endorsed the National Programme support to Uganda, and requested Uganda to submit the National Programme Document by October 2014 for consideration at the 13th Policy Board in November 2014.
In 9th – 13th of June 2014, the UN-REDD Programme and FCPF conducted a joint mission to Uganda to review REDD+ progress and scope the potential domains of UN-REDD support (via a National Programme). Through the exercise, the UN-REDD team took note of existing efforts including the successful mobilization of $5 million for REDD+. 
Bearing in mind that the existing financial support already covers most of the core REDD+ readiness elements, the UN-REDD and the Government of Uganda agreed that a medium-size National Programme would best suit the context of Uganda to mitigate low absorption risk and avoid the overburdening of the national REDD+ Secretariat. During a follow-up UNDP mission (4-8 August 2014), and echoing the FCPF progress report of June 2014, limited human resources and technical capacities were identified as major challenges that need to be reinforced, and a joint targeted support by UNDP and FAO was formulated to respond to the aforementioned needs and bridge the way to effective implementation of the National Programme.
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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Uganda or the lead agency for the programme. The MPTF Office Portfolio Manager (or Country Director with Delegation of Authority) for this programme:

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