Project Factsheet
Project ID:00096829Description:JP ROL SUPPORT SOMALI POLICE F
Somalia Multi Window Trust Fd
Start Date *: 15 Oct 2015
PSG 2 Security
End Date*: 30 Jun 2018
Country: Somalia Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   UNOPS - UN Office for Project Services

Support to the Somalia Police Force - enhancing civilian security through stipends payment

Brief Description

The Somali Police Force has been receiving stipends since 2006 to supplement the intermittent salary paid by the Federal Government of Somalia. Stipends are being paid to the Somali Police Force Officers who have been trained and certified by UNDP/ UNSOM/ AMISOM, and verified by the Police Commissioner that they are on active duty for the Federal Government of Somalia.

South-Central Somalia, including the capital Mogadishu, has been in a state of open conflict between the Somali Federal Government and various Islamic militia groups, most notably with the Al Shabaab. Gradually, Somali Federal troops, supported by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), have gained ground throughout South Central Somalia opening up areas that are in need of safety and security for their citizens. The expansion of such has led to a need to consolidate control and to effectively deploy police across the region.

Because of the growing autonomy of the SPF, there is now an increased need to monitor whether the police are being appropriately trained, equipped and receive their stipends regularly to ensure a trustworthy and professional policing organisation. This programme facilitates stipends payments to 4,406 trained and serving federal police officers throughout South Central Somalia.


Expected Outcome: The development of a transparent and efficient electronic payment process to administer stipends to police forces in Bannadir.

Expected Outputs: There are four specific outputs:

SO 1: 2015 stipends disbursed to police forces stationed in the Bannadir region.

SO2: Strengthened coordination, transparency and efficiency of stipend payments to the SPF.

SO3: Development of a fully electronic payment verification and funds transfer system based on the biometric registration system that captures biometric and biographic data on all SPF giving a higher level of transparency on all payments made. 

SO4: Development of a modern Human Resources System that would enable the Somali Government to continue proper management of its security forces in an open, transparent and accountable manner ensuring accurate budgeting and force planning information.

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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Somalia or the lead agency for the programme. The MPTF Office Portfolio Manager (or Country Director with Delegation of Authority) for this programme:

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