Project Factsheet
Project ID:00097495Description:LAND MANAGEMENT IN DARFUR
United Nations Fund Darfur
Start Date *: 17 Dec 2015
Governance Justice & Reconcil.
End Date*: 31 Dec 2018
Country: Sudan Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Lead Agency: UNDP (with UN-Habitat, UN Women and FAO)

Pillar 1: Governance, Justice and Reconciliation

Project Objectives

Improve nomadic corridors management and related mechanisms for conflict resolution;

Improve access to conflict free, demarcated and agreed land resources in major human settlements of Darfur;

Improve land – use systems (planning, mapping and allocation of natural resources) to foster peaceful co-existence in Darfur.

Introduction and Problem Statement:

One of the primary concerns of the DRA is to promote the voluntary return and reintegration of IDPs and refugees to their home areas or areas of choice.

The issue of land (ownership, occupancy, title) in Darfur constitutes a considerable challenge to Darfur’s short and long term stability and it’s the most important challenge to Darfur peace initiatives. Resolution of land controversy is urgently required to pave the way for sustainable recovery and reconstruction and implementation of DDPD and realisation of DDS.

In the face of an increasing and mobile population and the general overwhelming economic dependency of the rural land users on natural resources, the uncertainty caused by the lack of a comprehensive legal basis for land ownership and user rights, and the severely limited physical ability for official land demarcation and physical survey is a recipe for competition and conflict.


Within this context, this Project addresses these crucial issues and aims to create conducive environment and tangible results for peace on the ground through:

Reaching consensus among communities and competent authorities on necessary changes and reforms to people-centred land title system including the restoration of land rights to their owners and initiating land rights disputes systems and mechanisms;

Demarcating nomadic corridors and revitalising/establishing a fully functioning, real time, monitoring mechanism for nomadic corridors, engaging the native administration at various levels of the system’s hierarchy;

Addressing land concerns at return sites through mapping return village sites in a conflict sensitive manner to ensure returns and reintegration processes are sustainable and conflict free.

Establish land observatory and information system to enable authorities to have a unified reliable source of geographic information on land and natural resources.

Implementing Partners:

The Project will be implemented jointly by UNDP, UN-Habitat and FAO in full partnership with Darfur Land Commission, Voluntary Return and Resettlement Commission, the relevant ministries in the five Darfur States, Farmers’ Associations and Nomadic Councils. It will liaise with UNAMID on information sharing, coordination and ensuring complementarity of actions.

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