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Tools for » Moldova: Contribution to the Confidence Building Measures Program in Transnistria - Health Sector, Phase II
Project ID:00099290Description:MCH
Moldova Toward Unity in Action
Start Date *: 8 Apr 2016
Social Inclusion
End Date*: 31 Dec 2021
Country: Moldova, Republic of Project Status: On Going
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The impact hypothesis is that the new knowledge and competences passed on by international experts through joint assessments and close work with local specialists, including ToT, shall contribute to regular QoC check-ups and ongoing paediatric care / near-miss case reviews. Coupled with development of new guidelines by applying the international best practices and WHO tools in MCH, both banks of the river shall start using the same approach and methodology, resulting in better quality care for mothers and children, including access to latest body of evidence. Exposure to international best practices and capacity building events at regional and global level shall boost up the confidence, motivation and raise the awareness among decision-makers and health professionals to change practices, while removing system barriers to further achieve better service provision and quality. Working on both the supply and demand dimensions shall help population get access to much-needed life-saving interventions and services, provided that proper communication channels and techniques will be employed at all levels across all districts. Where possible, latest training materials shall be embedded into pre-service and in-service training curricula for relevant healthcare providers.

The overarching goal of the SDC-funded WHO/UNCEF/UNDP project is to make sure that the population of Moldova, including in Transnistria region, has improved health status, financial protection, equitable access to and satisfaction with health services. The overall objective is that the population of Transnistria region benefits from comprehensive quality health services, with specific focus on Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and Immunization.

Ultimately, the project extends to all geographic areas of Moldova, with primary focus on Transnistria region. Most interventions lay at national and sub-national policy development level (e.g., cMYP). Some are implemented at facility level (e.g., NMCR). All suggested interventions are driven by global and regional guidelines in respective areas of work, subject to further changes following WHO regional consultations. Ultimately, the whole population of Moldova, but especially Transnistria region, will benefit from project activities, while health care facilities and health policy-makers are to indirectly benefit from it. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate the total number of beneficiaries.

For the current phase, the original outcomes were reviewed in consultation with the Swiss Development and Cooperation (SDC) Office in the Republic of Moldova in order to better reflect the expectations of all stakeholders. Hence, the following three outcomes were defined, with consideration for the supply and demand dimensions:

  • Newborns and mothers from TN benefit from qualitative integrated perinatal services, including nutrition.
  • Vaccine coverage and immunization rates for traditional and new or underutilized vaccines are improved on both banks of Nistru River (entire Moldova, including TN).
  • The population on both banks of Nistru River has increased their MCH-related health literacy related to infant feeding and awareness about availability of MCH services and their right to access them.

The target groups of the proposal consist of health professionals at hospital (94 obstetrician-gynecologists, 120 – midwives, 35 – neonatologists, 70 - pediatricians), outpatient and primary health care levels (94 obstetrician-gynaecologists, 180 – midwives, 220 – nurses, 70 paediatricians), including program managers, emergency medical care staff, while the final beneficiaries are women, new-born babies and children, who will enjoy improved access to and better quality of health services as a result of implemented activities

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