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Project ID:00100038Description:SOM-15/3485/SA1/Nut/INGO/2473
Somalia Humanitarian Fund
Start Date *: 13 Apr 2016
End Date*: 31 Dec 2016
Country: Somalia Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   NGO/OCHA - NGO implementation/OCHA

Morbidity, poor infant and young child feeding practices and inadequate humanitarian assistance are among the main contributing factors of malnutrition in Somalia. IDPs often leaving in overcrowding places with food insecurity and are particular vulnerable. Besides these aspects, being the malnutrition at significant levels in Mogadishu, the project seeks to screen, refer and treat malnourished children in adequate structures providing treatment for SAM children <5 in the 3 districts.

Nutrition situation among Mogadishu IDPs settlement is showing an improvement of on-going humanitarian interventions but results of Deyr 2015 assessment recorded a GAM rate of 11.4 percent and SAM rate of 2.5 percent which indicate a sustained serious level of acute malnutrition since last Deyr 2014/15. Compared to Deyr 2014, an increase in U5DR in Gu 2015 and Deyr 2015 is seen in Mogadishu IDPs which is associated with increase in SAM prevalence in Gu 2015 (FSNAU Nov 2015).

IDPs are in need of assistance and protection. CISP managed a nutrition project with 2 static and 2 mobile OTPs in Yaqshid and Kaaran to reach the vulnerable population and during 6 months of project in karan and Yaqshid Cisp admitted and cured 1,809 SAM cases. The previous project funded by CHF finished in June 15. CHF757 could not guarantee the continuity because of luck of funds. In August 15, the second allocation EPHS was done and new IP were nominated. CISP collaborated with them to do a map of the proposed districts to be able to guarantee the coverage and to avoid overlaps. In Yaqshid and Kaaraan districts, CISP is also working in health, protection, education and livelihood projects (UNICEF, UKAID, DFID, EU, OFDA)from 2011 so that CISP has a good relationship with population and authorities. In Heliwa District, MoH expressed to CISP a big gap on Health and Nutrition, but subsequently R.I. was nominated as IP EPHS. The EPHS programme did not start yet and the needs are significant in the district.

Cisp Education is supporting 2 schools in Heegan (Yaqshid). Heliwa is a border District in Banadir region and number of IDPs is high, in little IDPs camps or hosted by families.

In August 2015 the second allocation EPHS changed the prospective for our intervention foreseen in the CHF757 because the new IPs (R.I. for Heliwa, IRC for Karan and Mercy Usa for Yaqshid) and CISP worked closely with the other organizations to avoid overlapping in the field. After consultation and the mapping of the districts CISP, in agreement with the others INGO, CISP took the decision to change locations where to implement the emergency nutrition intervention to guarantee a best coverage and to avoid the overlap. In Kaaran CISP will keep the static OTP in Buulomaaxaay- Nagalye village (static OTP already rehabilitated with Ocha funds in January 2015- CHF 627). The mobile OTP will work in Dalhis, Horsed, Wadajir. In Warshid and Horseed the mobile OTP will screen and treat the SAM children until IRC will start their new activities (probably after March 2016). In Yaqshid, CISP is asking to move the static OTP from Towifiq to Jungal. In Jungal CISP is working in a Health Center with the protection project. In Towifiq (where there was the static OTP in CHF627) Mercy Usa is starting to expand the EPHS programme. We agreed with them that the mobile OTP under CHF757 will work in Towakal and Suqa Holaha as proposed by Mercy Usa. In Heliwa, Cisp proposes to change the locations to cover the entire district. The proposed static OTP in the CHF757 will become the EPHS health facility, one of the two Health Facilities under EPHS. CISP proposes to change the location and to rehabilitate a static OTP in Celcadde and the Mobile OTP will operate in Celcadde and Gibadleey. In each district there will be a static and a mobile OTP.

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