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Project ID:00103359Description:UN REDD - Delivering National
UN REDD Programme Fund
Start Date *: 15 Nov 2016
UN REDD Global
End Date*: 30 Sep 2021
Country: United Nations Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Project Description/Background

  1. The UN-REDD Programme was founded in 2008 and has evolved from supporting nine pilot countries to having 64 partner countries spanning different types of forest ecosystems across the three regions – Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia and the Pacific. Initially the programme was designed up to 2015 and focused on supporting REDD+ readiness. However, recognizing the need for continued support to countries across different phases of REDD+, a new phase 2016-2020 was designed (see 2016-2020 UN-REDD Terms of Reference).
  2. In the period from 2008 to 2015, National Programmes (NPs) represented the main modality of support. The Policy Board approved financial allocations to countries to support them with their REDD+ readiness efforts on the basis of National Programme Documents.  These National Programme documents presented the UN-REDD contribution to the readiness process in the country, shaped either through a R-PP (Readiness Preparation Programme, a joint framework to UN-REDD and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility) or through a readiness roadmap.
  3. During the development of the 2016-2020 phase, it was recognized that already approved NPs will continue to be implemented concurrently with the new phase. These were therefore grandfathered into the new TOR (2016 – 2020). At its 15th meeting in Costa Rica, the Policy Board requested the UN-REDD Programme to assess the financial needs for providing oversight to the existing cohort of projects until their completion and to ensure this is adequately financed before any new financial allocations are considered.
  4. This document provides the information required to approve a fund allocation that covers the costs of oversight, quality assurance and technical assistance necessary to ensure these NPs deliver on their results within the fiduciary and substantive norms of the UN-REDD Programme.  It is intended to ascertain that, regardless of further capitalization of the fund towards the 2016-2020 strategy, resources are available to ensure that existing NPs are supported and deliver on their results. 
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