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Tools for » Safe and Fair: Realizing women migrant workers' rights and opportunities in the ASEAN region
Project ID:00108309Description:Safe and Fair: Realizing women
Spotlight Initiative Fund
Start Date *: 3 Jan 2018
End Date*: 31 Dec 2022
Country: United Nations Project Status: On Going
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Project Description

The ten-country regional programme “Safe and Fair: Realizing women migrant workers’ rights and opportunities in the ASEAN region” (Safe and Fair) is implemented with the overriding objective of ensuring that labour migration is safe and fair for all women in the ASEAN region through addressing women migrant workers’ vulnerabilities to violence and trafficking, strengthening rights-based and gender-responsive approaches to violence against women and labour migration governance, and supporting access to essential services.

Safe and Fair engages with multiple stakeholders including ASEAN Member States’ government authorities; civil society organizations; community-based organizations; research institutions and academia; media networks, and supports programming in Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam.


Number of beneficiaries: 575,380 (direct)

Recipient UN Organizations (RUNOs): UN Women, ILO in collaboration with UNODC


Spotlight Country Programme Focal Point: Deepa Bharathi, Email:




The total investment from the EU of USD 29,370,587 is aimed at supporting three inter-linking objectives:


Objective 1. Women migrant workers are better protected by gender-sensitive labour migration governance frameworks: Safe and Fair focuses on making labour migration governance work for women in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, and Viet Nam (as countries of origin) and Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore (as countries of destination). The programme works with partners to identify priority legislation and policy that addresses specific issues that limit women’s access to fair and safe labour migration options.


Objective 2. Women migrant workers are less vulnerable to violence and trafficking and benefit from coordinated responsive, quality services: With the aim of increasing access to services for women migrants in the region, Safe and Fair strengthen institutional commitment, capacity and coordination to deliver quality services to women throughout migration, whilst all the same time building the capacity of the front-line service providers to ensure women have access to appropriate services and service referral throughout migration.


Objective 3. Data, knowledge and attitudes on the rights and contributions of women migrant workers are improved: Recognising that discriminatory behaviour and negative gender norms are largely driven by socially accepted attitudes and behaviours, the Spotlight Initiative seeks to address such negative attitudes and behaviours directly. Safe and Fair builds a knowledge base on the perceptions of women migrant workers, and violence towards women migrant workers, as well as an understanding of good practices in strengthening fair and safe migration, taking particular note of the voice and opinions of women migrants themselves.


Cross-Cutting Issues


Upholding the principle of leaving no-one behind, Safe and Fair mainstreams three cross-cutting and innovative approaches with the aim of responding to and preventing violence against women migrant workers in the ASEAN region:


Women’s voice and agency: As the programme is designed to benefit women throughout migration, Safe and Fair contributes to empowering women’s voice and agency through strengthening women’s engagement with civil society organisations as well as networks of women migrant workers. Through Safe and Fair programmatic work, women have greater access to opportunities to collectively advocate for their rights and access coordinated quality services.


Rights-based approach: The programme ensures the adoption of a rights-based approach to migration, and VAW governance, which respects the dignity and agency of women throughout the migration cycle, and protects their rights under international law, including the principles of equality and non-discrimination, paying attention to intersectionality and the overall objective of the SDGs to “leave no one behind”.


Broad engagement of stakeholders: Broad engagement with stakeholders across all programme intervention is considered key to maximizes the programme’s impact and its sustainability. To achieve its objectives, Safe and Fair engages with regional and national institutions, civil society organisations, tripartite partners, workers and employer’s organizations, academia, media representatives and others.



Project Document

SAFE & FAIR Project Steering Committee MeetingMeeting Minutes (4 October 2018)

SAFE & FAIR: Realizing women migrant workers' rights and opportunities in the ASEAN Region (presentation)

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