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Project ID:00108988Description:DCPSF/17-DPI-NGO-13
Darfur Peace & Stability Fund
Start Date *: 8 Feb 2018
DCPSF Window 2
End Date*: 30 Sep 2018
Country: Sudan Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   NGO/UNDP - NGO Implementation/UNDP

This project is built on the latest assessment findings conducted by DPI in Wadhajam Admin Unit in Alradoum locality in South Darfur State and on the remaining UPO activities in the same areas. The project will take place in seven villages namely Wadhajam, Umkherein Gerba, Assalaya, Shurab, Almalam and Gebebish). The main objectives of the project is to restore trust and build confidence and to achieve sustainable economic and social growth in a peaceful and stable environment. To achieve these objectives, the project will address specific issues and needs identified during the previous conflict analysis exercises and the latest assessment findings carried out by DPI in November 2017. Implementation of this project will achieve the DCPSF target outcome through addressing the root causes of the conflicts in the respective areas, thus realizing of peaceful coexistence among nomads, residents, returnees, host and IDP communities. This project is designed to achieve the DCPSF target outcome through; support stabilization of the community, with a focus on addressing the root causes of conflict in the area which mainly is a competition over natural resources and to prevent conflict triggers from occurring and strengthening community based conflict prevention and resolution mechanisms. The project also aims to support restoration of trust and confidence between the communities. This will contribute to promotion of peaceful co-existence among the target diverse communities. The project will also support a collaborative livelihood groups (youth and women) and promote a culture of peace through trainings and awareness sessions on conflict management and resolution. The proposed activities of this project will contribute to achievement the following DCPSF results framework outputs:

Output 1: Effective community-level conflict resolution and prevention platforms in Darfur are in place

Output 2: Cooperation between communities enhanced through shared livelihood assets and income generating opportunities activities

Output 3: Cooperation between competing communities over access to natural resources and basic social services increased.

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