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Project ID:00108990Description:DCPSF/17-CRS-INGO-2
Darfur Peace & Stability Fund
Start Date *: 8 Feb 2018
DCPSF Window 1
End Date*: 31 Jan 2020
Country: Sudan Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   NGO/UNDP - NGO Implementation/UNDP

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) proposes Shaping Our World (SOW) project, a 24 month initiative to contribute towards peacebuilding in Umdukhun locality, Central Darfur-Sudan. SOW will improve relationships and prevent future conflicts between competing groups in Umdukhun locality. Building on successes from previous and current peacebuilding work and best practices gained, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) will address conflict triggers, while introducing innovative, cost-efficient measures to address the root causes of conflict in the targeted areas. The amount requested from DCPSF is $600,000.

The seven selected villages and Umdukhun town are targeted because of the violent conflicts in 2013 and 2014 between the Salamat and the Mesaria tribes . As observed in CRS’s conflct analysis (February 2017), tensions persist in this locality. The underlying causes of the conflict include contested water and land rights, ethnic competition between tribes of African and Arab origin, and the proliferation of arms, which has escalated violence around livestock and crop destruction. SOW will mitigate drivers and root causes of conflict through innovative social cohesion programming and inter-tribal dialogue. The approach combines the 4Ds of Appreciative Inquiry (Discover,Dream, Design and Deliver) with CRS’s 3Bs peacebuilding methodology (Binding, Bonding and Bridging). CRS has employed this approach successfully in the Central African Republic, Cameroon and Nigeria to help conflicted groups, organizations and communities find common ground and transform their disagreements and disputes peaceably. Through the 3Bs/4Ds communities can identify shared values and goals, and envision a more harmonious future free from violence.

SOW’s Theory of Change (TOC) is: “IF inter-ethnic dialogue and shared community planning and consultation occur, AND diverse groups join together to co-manage their natural resources and improve their livelihoods, THEN communal trust will be restored, and social cohesion will be strengthened BECAUSE communities that engage in constructive dialogue and joint action for mutual benefit are more disposed to accept “the other,” to respect each other, and to choose non-violent means to resolve their differences.”

Through the well-established Migration Notification Systems (MNS), the project will ensure 1) swift detection of conflicts; 2) strengthening of livelihoods across diverse groups by Income Generating Activities (IGA); 3) enhanced opportunities for social interaction amongst competing groups through shared demarcation of migratory routes; 4) provision of animal healthcare services; 5) joint-management of natural resources and 6) promotion of youth participation. The project will strengthen locality- and regional-level Community Based Reconciliation Mechanisms (CBRMs) and Women and Youth unions to support these initiatives. SOW activities target 46,059 men, women and youth in Umdukhun town and in seven nearby villages.

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