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Project ID:00117247Description:SPOTLIGHT GRANTS WPHF
Spotlight Initiative Fund
Start Date *: 16 Sep 2019
End Date*: 31 Dec 2022
Country: United Nations Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   UNWOMEN - UNWOMEN

Programme Description


The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) is a global pooled funding mechanism that aims to re-energize action and stimulate a significant increase in financing for women’s participation, leadership and empowerment in humanitarian response and peace and security settings. The WPHF supports quality interventions designed to enhance the capacity of local women-led and women’s rights organizations to prevent conflict and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), respond to crises and emergencies, and seize key peacebuilding opportunities. It addresses structural funding gaps for women’s participation in key phases of crisis, peace and security, and development by improving the timeliness, predictability and flexibility of international assistance.  


The overall goal of the WPHF’s theory of change is to achieve peaceful and gender-equal societies. Achievement of this goal will require that women are empowered to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from conflict prevention, crisis response, peacebuilding, and recovery. Since its launch in 2016, WPHF has been supporting over 140 civil society organizations and is present in 12 countries or groups of countries.[1] 


Through its partnership with the Spotlight Initiative, the WPHF will support civil society organizations in 5 countries in Africa: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Liberia, Nigeria and Uganda. Through WPHF, the Spotlight Initiative will be supporting women-led and women’s rights organizations (including women’s funds) working to prevent conflict and SGBV and other forms of violence against women and girls, advocate for women’s peace and security (WPS) commitments, gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEWE) and end violence against women and girls (EVAWG).


Number of beneficiaries: 70,000 (direct) | 3,000,000 (indirect)

Recipient UN Organizations (RUNOs): Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund


WPHF Focal Point: Ghita El Khyari; Email: Sophie Giscard D'estaing; Email:




The total investment from the WPHF – Spotlight Initiative call is USD 7,075,472 and is distributed according to the following:

Outcome 6: Recognizing the need to support the existence of women’s organizations, especially in conflict and post conflict contexts, WPHF will focus on strengthening the institutional capacity of local and grassroots organisations in the five target countries. 



WPHF and the Spotlight Initiative identify and encourage innovative initiatives to solve the issues and challenges relating to its mandate. WPHF pursues innovative partnerships to bring about transformative change. Partners include the private sector and celebrities, who not only raise awareness and funds for WPHF and its mandate but also support WPHF projects with connections and in-kind support. This kind of support includes working with refugee-friendly companies in support of the grantees, working with refugees, supporting women’s economic empowerment, and working with companies who can help women access new markets.


WPHF also uses innovative partnerships (e.g. with Dell) to establish new ways of connecting grantees within a community of practice.


When reviewing the proposals received, WPHF Global Secretariat prioritised innovative approaches and solutions put forward by prospective applicants.


[1] Burundi, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Mali, Uganda, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria and the Pacific region (Fiji, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu)

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