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Project ID:00119126Description:Samoa Spotlight Programme
Spotlight Initiative Fund
Start Date *: 21 Jan 2020
End Date*: 31 Dec 2022
Country: Samoa Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Programme Description

The Spotlight Initiative in Samoa builds on existing Government commitments to ending domestic and intimate partner violence and cultural institutions in Samoa that support ending violence against women and girls. The programme will contextualise international best practice in preventing and responding to violence and learn from emerging practice on what works in Samoa.


Number of beneficiaries: 8.113 (direct) | 48.273 (indirect)

Recipient UN Organizations (RUNOs): UNWOMEN / UNDP / UNICEF / UNFPA / UNESCO


Spotlight Country Programme Focal Point at the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office:  

Aterina Samasoni; E-mail:




The total investment from the EU for Phase I (2020 – 2021) is USD 2,900,000 and is distributed according to the following;


Policies and legislation (outcome 1): Spotlight will support the revision of six family laws in Samoa and any related legislation in key sectors (social/community, health, law and justice, education, employment). Spotlight will ensure reforms include specific rights of the most marginalized women and girls, LGBTIQ, faafafine, faafatama, women and girls with disabilities and sex workers. Spotlight will also draw on learnings from the EU-funded Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and implement in partnership with the SPC Regional Working Group on DV legislation. In addition, Spotlight will strengthen the Samoa Monitoring and Evaluation Results Framework (SMERF) with costed DV/IPV targets.


Institutions (outcome 2): Spotlight will expand the Rights, Empowerment and Cohesion (REACH) model to ensure access to services and information. Spotlight will also strengthen the capacity of parliamentarians, key government ministries and women’s rights advocates on gender responsive budgeting. Spotlight will review and strengthen existing multi stakeholder coordination mechanisms (EVAW Task- force, Law and Justice Sector) for GBV. In addition, Spotlight will strengthen the capacity of education institutions and staff on GBV and approaches to address them.


Prevention and social norms (outcome 3): Spotlight will develop a comprehensive National Family Violence Prevention Strategy and will strengthen and scale up Family Life Education across the country for in and out of school settings. In addition, Spotlight will establish and strengthen community advocacy platforms (faith based organisations and faith leaders) to promote gender equitable norms, attitudes and behaviours. Spotlight will support 6 pilot villages to adopt the Violence Free Village Programme and Village Safety Communities.


Services (outcome 4): Spotlight will support national actors develop and implement best practice standards for multi sector services—Inter Agency Essential Services Guidelines. Spotlight will develop capacity of frontline services providers, civil society organizations, community structures and strengthen coordinated referral and reporting system. In addition, Spotlight will scale up integrated quality essential services for women and girl survivors of violence (shelters, health clinics, community victim support units).


Data (outcome 5): Spotlight will strengthen the capacity of relevant ministries and CSOs in partnership with SPC to collect, record and report DV/IPV data centralized through the Bureau of Statistics. It will support the Bureau of Statistics to integrate DV/IPV in the DHS-MICS 2019. Spotlight will also strengthen inter-sectoral coordination to enable cross sector disaggregated data collection to monitor and respond to GBV. In addition, Spotlight will support the analysis of socio-economic vulnerability of women in agriculture and fisheries sectors as broad underlying factors impacting violence in Samoa.


Women’s Movements and Civil Society (outcome 6): Spotlight will strengthen the capacity of women’s groups and civil society actors on implementation of laws, social accountability tools, gender responsive budgeting by mapping them and supporting national movement building, networking and sharing of knowledge. Spotlight will develop capacity of CSOs to contribute to treaty body mechanisms. Spotlight will also enhance coordination, networking, joint dialogues and advocacy among civil society, government, women parliamentarians, and other stakeholders on SGBV/HPs.



Interactive engagement


Animations and mobile-friendly social video content to increase awareness on gender and violence-related laws and policies.


Big data


Improve co-design service delivery and use SMS-based mobile platform designed for young people to have their voices heard on issues that affect them to generate ideas and better include those furthest behind.


Reaching the ‘furthest behind first’ for Services


Expanding the REACH mobile services de- livery approach to ensure the most vulnerable have access to services and information.


Improving access to the Internet for marginalized rural women and girls


Working with mobile providers and CSOs to provide training for women and girls in the villages.


Shared Operations


Colocation of the technical coordination unit and joint procurement to ensure greater economies of scale.

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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Samoa or the lead agency for the programme. The MPTF Office Portfolio Manager (or Country Director with Delegation of Authority) for this programme:

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