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Project ID:00119129Description:Pacific Regional Programme
Spotlight Initiative Fund
Start Date *: 24 Jan 2020
End Date*: 31 Dec 2022
Country: United Nations Project Status: On Going
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Programme Description


The Spotlight Initiative Regional Programme in Pacific will focus on partnerships with key regional institutions including PIFS (Pacific Island Forum Secretariat) and SPC (The Pacific Community) including the Regional Rights Resource Team to leverage the influence and expertise of these institutions in supporting transformative change in addressing DV (Domestic Violence) and IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) in the region.

The Spotlight Initiative in the Pacific will focus its work on Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence through five key pillars: (i) policy and legislation, (ii) institutions, iii) prevention, v) data and vi) support to the women’s movement. A comprehensive approach will be implemented by targeting multiple settings for change, such as the education sector, government, churches, justice sector and civil society organisations (CSOs) and by working across multiple levels of the socio-ecological model, including focusing on domestic violence and Family Protection Act policy and legislation implementation; strengthening civil society and coalitions in advocacy; working with churches and CSOs and through media to shift harmful individual and community norms, behaviours and practices; and ensuring the collection and use of prevalence and incidence data to make evidenced-based decisions about planning, policy and implementation priorities.

In addition, the regional programme will support multi-country interventions in Solomon Islands, Fiji and the Marshall Islands. The multi-country programme is an extension of the Regional Programme and will focus on piloting innovative approaches and adapting key regional initiatives at the country level. The Pacific Regional Programme builds on and complements the regional strategies of the EU-funded Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls (Pacific Partnership) and other complementary programmes to address the gaps and amplify the impact of EVAWG across the Pacific region. It addresses aspects of DV/IPV that extend beyond borders and require regional engagement.

Number of beneficiaries: 104,920 (direct) | 1,621,765 (indirect)

Recipient UN Organizations (RUNOs): UN Women, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and IOM


Spotlight Country Programme Focal Point at the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office: Graciela Poel; Email: Gulana Huseynova; Email:




The total investment from the EU for Phase I inclusive of Pillar 6 is USD 7,077,830 and is distributed according to the following;


Laws and Policies (outcome 1): The Spotlight Initiative will support the work of the Regional Working Group (RWG) through Pacific Community to convene on Domestic Violence Legislation, which aims at identifying good practices for the region and taking collective action on priorities to improve domestic violence law implementation.


Institutions (outcome 2): The Spotlight Initiative will ensure that budgets and plans also incorporate the principle of leaving no one behind. The Spotlight Initiative will also focus on work with Parliamentarians to improve their gender analysis and mainstreaming skills.


Prevention (outcome 3): The Spotlight Initiative’s commitment on prevention work extends the work of the Pacific Partnership and Transformative Agenda programmes by working through regional partners. The Programme also builds on current support to the Pacific Council of Churches and existing communities of practice through support of south-south learning and evidence building.


Data (outcome 5): The Spotlight Initiative will support cross-fertilisation, innovation and learning on the collection, analysis and dissemination of DV/IPV and administrative data and the analysis of data across the region in collaboration with SPC and PIFS. This work will build upon the Transformative Agenda programme as well as being complementary to the Pacific Partnership.


Women’s Movement Building (Outcome 6): The Spotlight Initiative will provide support to women’s rights organisations and CSOs to work together to advocate for change at the regional level.





Based on consultations and lessons learned, there is a need to strengthen the capacity of Pacific partners, in particular CSOs and grassroots organisations, to deliver across all six pillars of the Spotlight programme, including the five in the Regional programme. It is proposed that a regional Spotlight Initiative capacity-strengthening Eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAWG) Hub be supported through the existing EU-supported PIFS “Strengthening Non-State Actors Engagement in Regional Policy Development and Implementation Programme” (PIFS NSA). The Hub will house staff focused on the capacity-strengthening of CSOs and the management of the Trust Fund grants. This expanded Spotlight Hub will enable support in the region and maximise efficiency through shared resources.


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