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Posts of impact news item Jan 2024

"Posts of Impact" campaign on pooled funds results and partners 

New York, January 2, 2024. 

In a world overwhelmed by complex challenges and crises, the answer lies in cooperation and multilateral action that deliver results. Recognizing this, the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTFO) has unveiled "Posts of Impact," a campaign spotlighting the tangible results achieved through the UN pooled funds it administers.  

Move beyond fragmented efforts. UN pooled funds serve for the needs of today, where diverse contributors join forces with UN agencies and its partners to tackle pressing issues like climate change, conflict, migration and inequality. These strategic resource pools, administered by the MPTF Office, the UN center of expertise in UN pooled funds, are the glue that binds, promoting efficiency, coherence, and most importantly, impact. 

Pooled funds are not just about pooling resources; they're about pooling expertise. By bringing public and private sector contributors, UN entities, and implementing partners into well designed and administered financing mechanisms, the MPTF Office support partners in crafting solutions that transcend individual mandates. This breadth of collaboration translates to collective outcomes towards SDGs. And the campaign wants to recognize the key partners behind each fund. 

"Posts of Impact" kicks off the year with a resounding message: results matter.  

The concept is simple. By using postcards, the campaign uses portraits and images of real people and communities whose lives have benefited from UN pooled funds. Every post is a snapshot, a quantifiable testament to the power of collective action. These easily shareable "Postcards" weave a narrative of transformation fitting for social media platforms, fostering a global community invested in the UN goals and mission. 

"Posts of Impact" is not just about celebrating successes; it's about sharing stories of transformation.  

Each "post" features a visually compelling image accompanied by a concise narrative that captures the essence of a specific UN pooled fund and its real-world impact. These "posts" are designed to be easily shared across social media platforms, fostering a sense of community and engagement around the MPTF's work. 

But the story doesn't end on social media. Clicking on each "post" leads users to a dedicated webpage that provides full information on the featured fund, its objectives, achievements, how and where resources are allocated and, most importantly, partners involved that make it possible. This level of transparency allows to learn more about each pooled fund work and explore potential collaboration opportunities. 

The campaign's long-term vision is to create a continuous flow of "posts," each one a testament to the transformative power of collective action, reflecting how pooled funds can adapt to different contexts and circumstances. By sharing these stories of impact, the MPTF Office aims to build trust, garner wider support, and ultimately, accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Visit the MPTFO website, explore the "Posts," and share them with your network. Use the hashtag #PostsofImpact to amplify the message and become part of the solution.