NewsHarvesting Hope: Mr. Mahmoud’s Greenhouse Success Story

STFA Story 2 photos 2 July 2024

In the outskirts of Mehtarlam, the capital city of Laghman Province, Mr. Mahmood has embarked on a journey of transformation and growth, thanks to the in-kind assistance he received from the Special Trust Fund for Afghanistan (STFA)’s Joint Regional Programme through UNHCR. 

Once a jobless returnee from Pakistan, his life has taken a remarkable turn as he now supports his family of nine through his thriving greenhouse business.

Six months ago, he presented a proposal to UNHCR, detailing his vision and needs to build a greenhouse based on the skills and knowledge he learned in Pakistan. His proposal was selected, and he received in-kind assistance worth 115,000 Afghanis /US$ 1,640/. This support included a water tank, drip irrigation system, solar panel, and all the necessary materials to build the greenhouse.

With these resources, he successfully cultivated a variety of crops, including tomatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkins. His hard work and dedication have paid off, and he is now in a position to start thinking on potential expansion of his greenhouse operations. He is one of the 200 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs)—nearly half women—that have received support through this initiative in the province.

Grateful for the support, he says, “Now I can support my entire family, including my children who are staying abroad. The greenhouse and harvesting areas are our opportunity to thrive amidst greenery and nature.” Mr. Mahmoud’s success is not just personal; he is keen to share his knowledge and expertise with his community. By teaching others how to cultivate their own crops, he believes he can foster a spirit of self-reliance and collective growth among his neighbors.

His journey from joblessness to a flourishing greenhouse owner highlights the impact of STFA’s initiatives in empowering individuals and communities through a community-driven and bottom-up approach. His willingness to share his knowledge and support others in their agricultural endeavors is an inspiring example of how one person’s success can ripple through a community, fostering growth and prosperity for all.

STFA Story 2 photos 1 July 2024