NewsA Step Towards a Sustainable Future: The United Nations in Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade Engaged in Talks for Renewed Aral Sea Region

Aral Sea news pic 25 Aug 2023

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 223 August 2023 – In a significant stride towards combatting the development challenges posed by the Aral Sea crisis and addressing the impacts of climate change, a meeting took place between representatives from the United Nations and the Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade of the Government of Uzbekistan.

The discussion centered around the Aral Sea issues, the Aral Sea Trust Fund, and collaborative efforts to bring about positive changes in the region.

The United Nations delegation was led by Ms. Gwi Yeop Son, UN Development Coordination Office Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, and Ms. Consuelo Vidal, UN Resident Coordinator for Uzbekistan. They engaged in constructive dialogues with Deputy Minister Sarvar Kahimidov, representing the Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade of the Government of Uzbekistan.

Highlighting the importance of collaboration, Ms. Gwi Son Yeop stated, "Climate change knows no borders, and our response must be equally borderless. We are here to reinforce our partnership with the Government of Uzbekistan to develop sustainable solutions that will not only rejuvenate the Aral Sea but also safeguard the well-being of the people living in the region."

During the meeting, Ms. Vidal emphasized the urgency of addressing the Aral Sea crisis and the need for concerted national and global efforts. She stated, "The Aral Sea issue is not just a local challenge; it's a global concern that demands immediate and collective action. The United Nations remains committed to supporting Uzbekistan in its endeavors to mitigate the impacts of climate change in the Aral Sea region."

Deputy Minister Sarvar Kahimidov expressed the Government of Uzbekistan's commitment to addressing the Aral Sea crisis and to continue its active role in the Aral Sea Trust Fund. He commented, "We are determined to support the Aral Sea Trust Fund and ensure that it delivers tangible improvements to the lives of the people of Karakalpakstan. Our continued collaboration with the United Nations is very significant towards our shared goal of revitalizing the Aral Sea region and building resilience against climate change."

The parties discussed strategies to enhance the efficiency of the Aral Sea Trust Fund's initiatives, facilitate greater community involvement, and mobilize resources for sustainable development projects. The meeting concluded with both sides reiterating their commitment to collective action and long-term solutions.

As the United Nations and the Government of Uzbekistan forge forward with its partnership, they set a precedent for international collaboration in tackling development challenges and securing a more sustainable future for the Aral Sea region.

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