NewsSupporting Women’s Influence and Participation in Peace Processes, WPHF Unveils New Rapid Financing Mechanism


(New York) – The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) announced this week the launch of a new financing mechanism to accelerate women’s influence and participation in peace processes, ahead of the global commemoration of the 39th International Day of Peace on 21 September 2020. 

The WPHF Rapid Response Window (RRW) on Women’s Participation in Peace Processes and the Implementation of Peace Agreements aims to address the funding gaps obstructing the efforts of women peacebuilders and women’s civil society organizations to effectively influence and participate in peace processes. Through the new funding mechanism, WPHF will mobilize and rapidly channel urgently-needed financing for strategic, short-term civil society-led initiatives to enhance women’s influence and meaningful participation in the various stages of peace processes in every region of the world. 

“As we approach the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 next month, against the backdrop of the deadliest global pandemic of our generation, women's contributions to peace processes are more urgent than ever,” said Ghita El Khyari, Head of WPHF Secretariat. “This new funding window is an answer to the urgent calls led by civil society to support more women to effectively access and shape peace processes at all levels.”

The WPHF RRW has two funding streams: (i) Direct Support, through which the RRW finances an activity or service directly to ensure access and influence, and (ii) Short-Term Grants (currently closed) for projects that address a wide range of barriers to women’s influence and participation in peace processes and the implementation of peace agreements. The Direct Support funding stream is now open for applications on the global WPHF website in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. There is no application deadline for funding proposals, which are accepted on a rolling basis, and civil society organizations from all ODA eligible countries are qualified to apply. 

The establishment of the WPHF RRW was a recommendation of the UN Secretary General in his October 2019 annual report on women, peace and security, and made possible with the generous support of the Governments of Austria, Canada and Norway

WPHF has taken a participatory approach to establishing the RRW through a series of consultations with women peacebuilders and diverse stakeholders and experts. These consultations have ensured that the RRW does not duplicate the critical work of UN agencies and INGOs, but rather fulfils an essential function of responding to alarming funding gaps that continue to constitute barriers to women’s access to and influence over peace processes and their effective implementation. 

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