NewsUN CLIMATE, PEACE AND SECURITY DIALOGUE SERIES: Leveraging opportunities for peace through climate action

CSM JP news image 17 OCT 2023

Building on the outcomes of the experts’ roundtable on Climate, Peace and Security co-organized by the UNSSC, the University of Turin and King’s College London in May 2023, the UN Climate, Peace and Security Dialogue Series will serve as a free forum to generate new ideas and debate on emerging research topics, involving UN practitioners from the inter-agency Community of Practice on Climate, Peace and Security and relevant academic institutions, focusing in particular on Global South debates. 

The series will take place in the lead-up to the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) and address some of the key topics and themes put forward by the UAE Presidency in consultation with relevant stakeholders. In particular, COP28 will feature for the first time a thematic day on Relief, Recovery, and Peace focusing on accelerating adaptation and preventing and addressing loss and damage, including in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, that face considerable barriers to accessing climate finance and strengthening climate action. 

This panel will explore the potential for leveraging opportunities for peace through climate change adaptation and mitigation. As many countries around the world face the dual challenges of climate change and conflict, it is crucial to identify and capitalize on the synergies between climate action and peacebuilding efforts. By targeting some of the root causes of conflict and promoting sustainable peace outcomes, climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies can contribute to building more resilient and peaceful societies. This webinar will bring together experts and practitioners from various fields of climate adaptation, mitigation and peacebuilding to discuss innovative approaches, successful case studies and policy recommendations for harnessing the transformative power of climate action in fostering peace. Participants will gain insights into the interconnectedness of climate change, conflict, and peace and explore practical ways to leverage opportunities for peace through climate change adaptation and mitigation.  

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