NewsWestern Balkans SALW Control Roadmap Multi-Partner Trust Fund Launches Its Third Call for Proposals

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The United Nations' Western Balkans SALW Control Roadmap Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) opens its third call for proposals for the offices of the two Participating UN Organizations - UNDP and UNODC - covering the region.

This open call addresses the overarching concerns of trafficking, illicit possession and misuse of firearms in the Western Balkans.

The proposals should be developed in support of the implementation of the Western Balkans SALW Control Roadmap in line with the SALW control strategies/roadmap action plans of respective jurisdictions and in close coordination with SALW Commissions.

The offices of the Participating UN Organizations are invited to submit project proposals by 16 May 2023.

To learn more about the call and access its documents, please click here.

The Western Balkans SALW Control Roadmap Multi Partner Trust Fund ensures a donor coordinated approach of the UN in support of the Roadmap implementation. The work of the MPTF is possible thanks to the generous contributions by Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Norway which amount $ 24,181,024 in total. The MPTF also benefits from the strong support of the European Union.

Through Roadmap support, the Trust Fund contributes to the achievement of SDG 16 that promotes just, peaceful, and inclusive societies, given that illicit arms flows are amongst the factors that give rise to violence, insecurity, and injustice. It also contributes to the achievement of SDG 5 that aims at achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls, specifically by promoting gender equality and stronger women’s participation in all aspects of the SALW Control, as well as by tackling gender based violence.

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