2021 Annual Report - 21 facts and figures


Sustained growth

US$1.84 billion in total annual capitalization, with annual growth of over 20% and 160% accumulated growth in contributions since 2016 (the start of SDG implementation).


Worldwide impact

+120 programme countries received resources for implementation in 2021 to respond to their humanitarian, peacebuilding, development and climate challenges.


In support of LDCs

US$+950 million was directly invested in countries categorized as “least developed,” accounting for 70% of resources.


Greener recovery

US$300 million invested in climate and environment funds that cover forestation, biodiversity, green economy and climate security.


Advancing UN Reform

49 UN organizations collaborated on joint programmes around the world.


Supporting local SDG priorities

17 country and regional SDG pooled funds actively contributed to advancing UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks.


Expanding Member State support

54 Member States and the European Union contributed to pooled funds, the largest number of contributors since the MPTF Office launched its portfolio of pooled funds.



Leveraging SDG financing

US $1.7 billion in resources leveraged by the Joint SDG Fund through co-funding and sovereign SDG bonds launched with technical support from the fund.


Rapid mobilization for Afghanistan

US$+365 million rapidly mobilized to respond to humanitarian and development needs in Afghanistan. Over 20 partners contributed.


Diversifying resources from non-state actors

14 contributors from the private sector, foundations and civil society, helped expand stakeholder networks and widen the contributing base.


Expanding civil society engagement

50+ non-UN entities had direct access to MPTFO-administered pooled funds, after rigorous due diligence and selection, a substantial increase in access particularly in peacebuilding settings and in climate and environment trust funds.


Making private sector connections

13 funds are fully or partially funded by contributions from private sector and philanthropic outfits.


Growing a team for better services

18 professionals joined the MPTF Office to expand its services, as well as to promote knowledge exchange with country offices and funds' secretariats.


Professionalism and effectiveness

97% of transfers were made in under five days, leading to achievement of all KPIs.



Nexus financing

Bridging finance across the humanitarian-development nexus, as well as other intersections, according to context.


Facilitating joint work

US$+105 million raised for stand-alone joint programmes, an increase of 15% annual growth in 2021.


Supporting broad coalitions of partners

Over 200 partners, contributors, governments engaged directly in pooled funding.


Recovering Better Together

Portfolio fund stakeholders pivoted activities and channeled resources to mitigate the humanitarian, social, and economic effects of COVID-19 around the world.


Investing in quality

All pooled funds administered by the MPTF Office incorporate quality management features as per the Funding Compact.


Gender equality is non-negotiable

Gender equality markers were introduced and integrated in the new MPTF Office fund management platform.


Co-creating cutting edge financial instruments

23 new financial instruments were designed and established to promote joint action on risk data, biodiversity and health, and climate information.