2022 Annual Report - Fast facts


Worldwide impact

+125 programme countries received resources for implementation to respond to development, climate, emergency, security and peacebuilding challenges.


Green recovery

US $280 million invested in climate and environment funds that cover forestation, biodiversity, green economy and climate security.


Nexus financing

Bridging finance across the humanitarian-development nexus.


Gender equality is non-negotiable

Gender markers were introduced and integrated in the new MPTF Office fund management platform.



Diversifying resources

21 contributors from the private sector, foundations and civil society, helped expand stakeholder networks and widen the contributing base.


Advancing UN Reform

More than 50 UN organizations collaborated across UN Country teams/UN humanitarian teams and RCs/HCs on pooled funds all over the world.



Co-creating innovative financial instruments

15 new financial instruments were designed and established to promote joint action on sustainable infrastructure, decarbonization, biodiversity, resilience and recovery.



Investing in quality

All pooled funds administered by the MPTF Office incorporate quality management features as per 2019 Funding Compact commitments. 


Expanding civil society engagement

Over 70 non-UN entities were directly involved in implementing programmes covering multi-sector issues following rigorous due diligence processes. A substantial number of these projects were launched in peacebuilding settings or cater to providing climate and environment finance solutions.


Supporting broad coalition of partners

Over 300 partners, contributors, programme countries and UN and non-UN organizations engaged directly in pooled funding.