Resources and tools

The MPTF Office, as the UN center of expertise on pooled funding, puts a series of resources at the disposal of its partners and stakeholders for better analysis of the trust fund portfolio, including financial data, results and reporting tools.
Financial data analytical tools 
The MPTF Office has developed a set of online financial tools to provide contributors and partners with financial services that offer real-time views of contributions, payments and expenditures for all trust funds, anywhere in the world, and at various stages of the financial fund management cycle. 
Each tool provides comprehensive data for funds in over 130 countries—some since the start of operations in 2004. 


Reporting and document tools
An integrated document platform houses fund-related programmatic and financial documents so users can search through the financial and narrative reports of all fund activities. Although narrative reporting remains the responsibility of participating organizations, the Partners Gateway has additional features for data aggregation and results reporting. 
Standard legal agreements and templates that underpin all pooled financing mechanisms are a continuous source of efficiency gains for the UN system and publicly available on these dedicated pages.