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  • Start Date: July 2020
  • End Date: July 2023


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Executive Summary

The proposed UNDP and UNICEF joint project aims to strengthen the basic service provision system in Armenia, through a life-cycle approach and provision of continuous care and support to children and adults with disabilities. This includes habilitation and rehabilitation, health, social and developmental services, all of which are extremely weak or not available in most regions of Armenia. Persons with disabilities (including children with disabilities) have very limited choice when it comes to the needs-based services and support, especially in areas far from capital city. The project will assist the Armenian Government in its efforts to reform the disability assessment and service provision system by enhancing equitable access to services and participation of persons with disabilities in public life. 

The project will build on UNPD- and UNICEF-supported Government reform (since 2014), which resulted in the development and establishment of a human-rights based model of disability assessment. The project aims at developing the service system, focusing on areas requiring serious investment, for example: establishing a policy framework and service categories and making equipment and human capital available to serve the needs of persons with disabilities and as well as those of the broader population.

Armenia is one of the region’s leading countries that adopted the new model of disability assessment and since 2016 has generated significant expertise and knowledge in this regard that can be leveraged through the region and beyond. However, the next and much bigger effort for the Government now is the development of the service system, without which the reform process will not be complete.

The estimated three-year duration of the proposed project will allow sufficient time for setting up an inclusive service system in underserved areas. The project will be implemented in partnership with leading international service providers and research and rehabilitation centres from a range of countries, including Russia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Finland. These potential partners offer rich learnings from experience and knowledge of best practices.


Given the rapid development of tech solutions that offer opportunities for equal participation of persons with disabilities in the social life, the project will also explore the possibilities for local innovation and testing of new social, digital and AI solutions, that could be shared globally.



Foster equal access to quality targeted services for children and adults with disabilities and their families in rural and urban areas and enable persons with disabilities to fulfill their right to social inclusion and participation.  



1. Improved access to services and programmes for persons with disabilities (with special attention on children) at the/or close to the place of their residence through modernized and strengthened service centers.

2. Establishment of policy framework to support the modernized and strengthened multi-disciplinary service provision in habilitation, rehabilitation, assistive technology, and assistance and support services at community level.

3. Strengthened capacities at national and local levels for policy makers and service providers to ensure quality and timely service provision to children and persons with disabilities.

4. Raise society’s awareness of disability issues and foster greater knowledge among children and adults with disabilities on their rights and on how to exercise them. 


  • Modernized service provision centers including technical and human resources for provision of rehabilitation, education, social and developmental services.
  • Policy framework for provision of accessible and quality services developed and adopted.
  • Increased number of children under five with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties receiving early identification and early intervention services.
  • Increased number of 5-18 years old children with disabilities receiving quality services and assistive devices and technologies.
  • Increased number of adults with disabilities receiving need-based quality services and assistive devices and technologies.
  • Increased number of families of children with disabilities informed about the rights of children to education, habilitation and rehabilitation.
  • Stigma towards persons with disabilities and their families decreased among service provider professionals and community.
  • National system of data collection on disability is updated, functional and comply with international standards.
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Key Figures
Funding Status
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Funds with Administrative Agent
Contributions from Donors 3,082,320  
Interest and Investment Income (from Fund) 14,453  
Interest (from Participating Organizations) 0  
Total source of funds   3,096,773
Transferred to Participating Organizations 2,009,013  
Refunds from Participating Organizations 0  
Administrative Agent Fee 30,823  
Direct Cost 0  
Bank Charges 73  
Total use of funds   2,039,909
Balance with Administrative Agent   1,056,864
As a percentage of deposits   34.3%
Funds with Participating Organizations
Transfers to Participation Organizations 2,009,013  
Total resources   2,009,013
Participating Organizations' Expenditure 632,707  
Refunds from Participating Organizations 0  
Total expenses     632,707
Balance with Participating Organizations   1,376,306
As a percentage of transfers   68.5%
Total Balance of Funds   2,433,170
As a percentage of deposits   78.9%
Delivery Analysis
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