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Tools for » PBF/GNB/B-1 Rehabilitation of Selected Prisons
Project ID:00066672Description:PBF/GNB/B-1 Rehabilitation of
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
Security -W1
End Date*: 31 Aug 2011
Country: Guinea-Bissau Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNODC - UN Office for Drug and Crime

Project Description:

The project will address the requirement for secure and adequate physical infrastructures able to host prisoners and detainees, and capacity-building of prison staff in order to ensure the effective management of prisoners’ data files, all in line with international standards.


Peacebuilding Goal:

To strengthen peace consolidation by addressing the challenge of political and socio-economic stabilization through a well-targeted effort to protect the social and national integrity of Guinea-Bissau against the activities of drug trafficking syndicates, organized crime and general criminality, as well as establish an efficient and human system of justice administration.


Immediate Objective:

Refurbishment of two prisons in Bissau, one in Mansoa and one in Bafata in order to build the capacity of the prison administration sector to assist in the combat against drug trafficking, organized crime, general criminality.


Outputs and Key Activities:


-    Two prisons in Bissau, one in Mansoa and one in Bafata refurbished in line with international standards;

-    Data management system established for the two prisons in Bissau and the two provincial prisons and

-    Prison managers and penitentiary staff trained to manage prison data files.


-    Carry out needs assessment on selected prison infrastructures and refurbish selected prisons in line with international standards;

-    Carry out needs assessment on detainee / prisoner file management and conduct appropriate training for selected prison management staff and

-    Adapt and translate existing and relevant UNODC prison administration training handbook in Portuguese.


Indicator and Benchmarks:

-    Refurbished prisons and installed data management system respond to the needs of criminal justice system;

-    Prison management training results and outcomes reflected in policies and practices within prisons and

-    Guidance and monitoring through reporting structures and regular feedback.



IT logistics, Management infrastructure, Construction materials and Equipment


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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Guinea-Bissau or the lead agency for the programme.

The person with GATEWAY access rights to upload and maintain documents for the programme:

  • Jade-Mali Mizutani, Special Assistant to DSRSG/RC/RR; Telephone: 245 643 51 17; Email:; Skype: jademali
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