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Project ID:00066681Description:PBF/LBR/E-2 Govt of Liberia Pe
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 31 Dec 2008
Public Administration-W2
End Date*: 31 Dec 2011
Country: Liberia Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDP - UNDP(MDTF/PUNO only).

Project Description:

Establish a Peacebuilding Office (PBO) in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) in Liberia supporting Government’s conflict sensitive approach and Peacebuilding opportunities throughout the PRS. Overall project includes PBF-L Secretariat support.


Peacebuilding Impact:

Government of Liberia has skills and takes all opportunities throughout the PRS period (2008-2010) to mitigate and respond to Liberia’s conflict issues.



Key outcomes include: adoption and application of a conflict sensitive framework to PRS implementation; key stakeholder understanding of the conflict sensitive approach; early warning mechanisms in place to detect emerging challenges to peace; and PBO / MIA / Government staff with conflict sensitivity / peacebuilding skills and capacity to respond to these challenges. Functions of the PBF Liberia secretariat are covered in this project.


Outputs and Key Activities:

Creation of conflict sensitive framework; Key Government decision-makers (Ministers and Agency heads) understand conflict sensitivity (CS) and peacebuilding (PB); dissemination of CS framework to all levels of Government; information gathered and shared on hotspots and emerging conflicts through early warning mechanisms; PBO staff trained in conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding; PBO provides technical advice to GoL on applying conflict sensitivity; key functional activities of the PBF Liberia secretariat covered.  Fundamental MIA function supported for 18 months.


Indicator and Benchmarks:

Staff hired, trained and knowledgeable. Office established and given proper support from UNDP and MIA. Conflict sensitivity framework and tool developed and adopted. Sites selected for palava huts and constructed.



- Training materials

- Office supplies

– Computers, Equipment

- Vehicles


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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Liberia or the lead agency for the programme.

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