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Tools for » PBF/SLE/A-5 Capacity Building for Sierra Leone Parliament for enhanced performance of its core functions of representation, oversight and legislative enactment
Project ID:00071609Description:PBF/SLE/A-5 Parliament
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 7 Jul 2009
Democratic Governance -W1
End Date*: 28 Feb 2011
Country: Sierra Leone Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   IOM - International Org Migration

Project Description:

Since Sierra Leone gained independence from Britain in April 1961, its Parliament has been a major player in the building, strengthening and expansion of pluralistic democracy in the country. However, Parliament’s contribution and overall impact on democracy building and governance reform has been marginal and overshadowed by the country’s much troubled political history of insecurity and instability consequent on many years of poor political and economic governance, exacerbated by military misadventure.. Until 1996 when multi-party democracy was re-introduced, Parliament remained a rubber-stump institution under a long period of one-party rule during which it was increasingly difficult to exact horizontal accountability against the executive branch due to blurred lines of distinction between party and government functions. Throughout this long interlude of political turbulence, Parliament experienced a haemorrhage of its well trained and experienced technical, legal and administrative professionals that seriously depleted its institutional capacity thereby effectively disabling it to discharge its core oversight and legislative functions.

This project therefore intends to strengthen the capacity and capability of the secretariat of parliament and the newly elected parliamentarians to be able to effectively carry out the basic functions of parliament (representation, oversight and legislation. The project shall provide trainings for 124 parliamentarians and 25 secretariat staff and provide basic logistics to the secretariat. It shall also provide books, computers and shelves for a resource centre.

When implemented, such initiatives have the potential to significantly enhance Parliament’s untapped ability to mobilize, through the legislative and budget processes, a critical mass of national, regional and international support essential to consolidate peace and durably stabilize the country.


Main Goal and Key Immediate Objectives:

1.0       Contributing to a better serviced and more efficient legislative process as a result of improved capacity of the secretariat of Parliament being exposed to modern management practices

2.0       Contribute to improved capability of newly elected parliamentarians for enhanced representation, oversight and legislative enactment.  


Outputs and Key Activities:

1.1              Capability building provided to 18 members of the Secretariat of Parliament including 12 recruited clerks and research assistants in research and modern management

1.2              Basic Logistics/materials provided to support the Secretariat’s and Parliament’s operations

2.1              124 Newly elected parliamentarians trained on better representation techniques of debates and development issues

2.2              124 Newly elected Parliamentarians trained in better oversight of Government through the budgetary process

2.3              124 Newly elected Parliamentarians trained in  the debate and enactment of pro-poor post war legislative techniques






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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Sierra Leone or the lead agency for the programme.

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