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Tools for » PBF/SLE/E-2 Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations including CSPEC, Women’s Organizations etc to effectively engage and contribute to the peace consolidation process
Project ID:00071612Description:PBF/SLE/E-2 Strengthening CSOs
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 7 Jul 2009
Public Administration-W1
End Date*: 30 Jun 2010
Country: Sierra Leone Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   IOM - International Org Migration

Project Description:

This project seeks to address effective management and financial oversight mechanisms and the ability of non-state actors to perform oversight functions effectively and independently, thereby down streaming the activities of the Peacebuilding Commission and the Fund nationwide for durable and consolidated peace. To ensure effective project coordination CSPEC Desk will be established, furnished and a Coordinator recruited. Members of CSPEC trained on monitoring and evaluating Peacebuilding activities in post-war situations and able to develop an M&E plan for Peacebuilding. In addition, CBOs, other CSOs and representatives from related Local Government institutions trained in Peacebulding and the work of the Fund and the Commission.


Main Goal: Institutional capacity of CSPEC members enhanced to engage in Peace consolidation processes


Key Immediate Objectives:

- Enhance effective networking and coordination between and among peace building civil society organizations in  Sierra Leone

- Downstream and raise public awareness on the outputs/results/impact of PBC/PBF

- Collation of independent oversight report by CSPEC members on the impact of the PBC/PBF on the peace building process in Sierra Leone.


Outputs and Key Activities:

1.0 Community members have demonstrably increased their knowledge on information about the PBC/PBF information through consultative engagements

2.0 Civil society organizations have developed monitoring and tracking matrix to do independent impact assessment of PBC/PBF processes

3.0 Established, well-defined and functional civil society engagement in peace and governance processes in Sierra Leone

4.0 Civil society organizations effectively engaging and contributing to the PBC/PBF processes


Key Activities:

- Recruitment of a CSPEC Desk Coordinator

- A three-day National CSO’s Consultation on systems and operational modes

- Engaging with relevant political actors  and other stakeholders

- Research to develop and produce an alternative /shadow report of CSO’s on the PBC/PBF impact on PB

- Down streaming and raise public awareness on the PBC/PBF process through consultative engagements with the grassroots communities including related Local Government institutions (through seminars, workshops, media talk shows, street rallies, poster, handbills, FAQs, community theatre groups etc.)

- National CSOs and Government dialogue session on the implementation of the peacebuilding cooperation framework and PBF projects

- Conduct monitoring and evaluation to assess impact of activities.




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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Sierra Leone or the lead agency for the programme.

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