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Tools for » Kiribati - KPA 1: Quality of Teaching in Kiribati - Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change
Project ID:00073279Description:Kiribati - KPA 1: Teaching
Kiribati One UN Fund
Start Date *: 14 Dec 2009
Human Resources Development
End Date*: 31 Dec 2010
Country: Kiribati Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Sc

Quality of Teaching in Kiribati - Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change

The focus of UNESCO’s intervention across the Pacific is to improve the quality of basic education. A key strategy for addressing this is through teacher training. Due to the delays in arrival of the fund in 2009, UNESCO commenced a series of teacher training events with other sourced funding. 

To build and expand on this, UNESCO organized a four-day technical workshop on policy and planning on 7-10 December 2010 with financial support from the One UN Fund. The workshop aimed at enhancing the technical capacities of senior officials of the Ministry of Education as well as principals and deputy principals from the Kiribati Teacher College and secondary schools. Training focused on education planning, management, monitoring and evaluation, and included how to formulate and revise education policy based on relevant and valid data and information. Participants also discussed the ways and means for strengthening the education policies and strategies using the knowledge, skills and the tools shared in the workshop.

The workshop played an important role in enhancing the knowledge and skills of participants relating to basic education indicators, education sector analysis, the logical framework approach and the simulation model which are the basis for the evidence-based and results-based education policy formulation/revision, planning and management. Some challenges included the differing levels of knowledge, skills and experiences of the participants; however the workshop provided a foundation to develop staff and teachers capacities in educational policy and planning.

The Ministry of Education’s Strategic Plan 2008-2011 will be reviewed and a new Strategic Plan 2012-2015 will be developed in 2011. Knowledge and skills gained and enhanced in the workshop are expected to contribute to the development of the new strategic plan.

(Extract from 4th Quarterly Update, 2010)

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